What Should I Tweet About?

What Should I Tweet About? | Do you struggle with knowing what type of content you should tweet about? This is the post for you! Click to learn what you should tweet about no matter what industry you're in (and there's also a free checklist included!)

This may be shocking to some of you, but I’ve heard the question “What should I tweet about?” over and over again.

Twitter can be an overwhelming platform because it moves so quickly. To some, it’s not even worth the effort because it gets “lost in the feed.”

Twitter doesn’t have to be like that though. Like every other platform, you need a mix of content and a strategy. Below I feature the types of content you should tweet about. Hope it helps!

What Should I Tweet About Checklist!

What Should I Tweet About?

Your products/services/blog

This is your Twitter profile, so you definitely should be tweeting about your products or services. Some people feel slimy doing self promotion because they don’t want to come off as too sale-sy, but if you aren’t tweeting about your business, how are your followers supposed to know what you can offer?

There are ways to tweet that don’t come off like a slimy salesperson. Your business is helping solve someone’s problem, right? Well tweet like you’re solving someone’s problem!

If you’re being helpful and caring to your customers, they won’t be turned off if you’re promoting your business. If anything, they will be thankful you shared your helpful product/service/blog post.

Industry insight

Your followers on Twitter will mostly consist of two of the following audiences:

  1. People in your same industry
  2. People who want to learn more about your industry

For both of these audiences, they will love to read about industry insights. You will be seen as a thought leader in your industry, which serves you in the long run. Building this trust with your audience will help them remember you when they need the particular service or product you offer.

For two, you will keep up with the changes going on in your industry so you are better prepared to make effective changes to your business as time goes on.

Questions to your followers

We’ve discussed how you never know until you ask and the same is true with Twitter.

Twitter is a great platform to ask shorter, to the point questions. Since you are working with 140 characters, you don’t want to ask questions that lead to long-winded answers.

Some general examples you can use to ask your audience:

1) What is your biggest pain point regarding ________ (related to your industry)
2) What do you like most about _____________ (related to your industry)
3) What’s something you’re working on in your business?

Strategically spread out when you ask questions to your followers. You don’t want to ask 10 questions in a row, otherwise you aren’t providing much value in your tweets.

What Should I Tweet About Checklist!

Answers to your followers

You should also be answering your followers! Many people fall trap to sounding like a robot on Twitter and only tweeting out automated articles and questions, but you need to be interactive and answer other people’s questions.

If you don’t see any questions on your feed, type in a keyword related to your industry into the search bar and search for through the tweets that pop up.

Helpful blog posts/articles

I get most annoyed with Twitter accounts seem to only push their content or products. Sharing other people’s content is great for many reasons. For one, it shows that you want to be helpful to your audience, which at times may mean pointing them to another business on Twitter.

Another reason is you can begin to develop a relationship with the people that write these blogs and articles and they could end up pointing people in your direction for business. It’s a win-win!

Product/Business you love and use

I don’t know about you, but I can be somewhat nosy. I’m always interested in what products (whether it be physical products or services) other entrepreneurs and small business owners use.

I am definitely a person that values word of mouth recommendations, and many other people are the same way. Sharing other people’s products and businesses you love is a great way to give an inside peek into your business, as well as sharing the love of another business owner. We’re all in this together, so pay it forward!

Quick tips

Sharing bite size tips is easy to do on Twitter, since you’re limited to 140 characters. Giving your followers quick wins will help them move further in their business.

Sharing quick wins with your audience can help your business grow exponentially. By giving them something small and easily attainable that helps them in their business or life can turn mediocre followers to raving fans instantly.

Their business winning from a tip you gave equals your business winning. They will likely continue to read your blog posts, sign up for your email, share with friends/family/co-workers how awesomely helpful you are and in turn that grows your brand, gets you more email subscribers, and even more raving fans.

Small wins can lead to big wins for your business.

What Should I Tweet About Checklist!

Question: What other topics do you tweet about?

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