Our Values page is probably the most important page on this website. These words below embody everything that we stand for as a company and what each of our team members value unconditionally. This is our promise to you, whether you are a current client, a podcast listener, a student in one of our courses, or have just landed here for the first time.



We lead with integrity. Whether it’s in our internal meetings, client meetings, and beyond we are always striving to live fully with integrity.

Leading with integrity to us means:

  • Being truthful even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Standing up for what is just and right 
  • Being trustworthy for our clients and customers


We believe in honesty even when it’s difficult. Honesty isn’t only about telling the truth it is about being real with ourselves, each other, our clients and our audience. 

Leading with honesty to us means:

  • Promoting openness throughout our company and discussions with clients
  • Empowering each team member to be truthful about their thoughts and feelings on how we run as a company and what is in the best interest of our clients
  • Providing a safe space for our clients and customers to speak their beliefs and values


We strive to always be authentic with our clients and customers, sharing our experiences and knowledge. We aim to stay grounded and fulfilled throughout all of the work that we do.

Leading with authenticity to us means:

  • Being transparent with one another and our clients, no matter how difficult it may be
  • Remaining vulnerable with each team member and our clients to foster genuine relationships that are open (allowing the ability to freely express thoughts and opinions)
  • Encouraging each team member, client, and customer to bring their whole selves to the work we do to provide a non-discriminatory, open work environment

Community Building

We foster a collaborative, connected environment with our clients, our customers, and the people around us to build a supportive, inclusive community.

Leading with community building to us means:

  • Providing an approachable environment where team members feel comfortable reaching out to any other team member to discuss thoughts, feelings and concerns
  • Maintaining a friendly and gracious environment where clients, customers, and audience members feel welcome, included and heard

Our Commitments to You:

Last updated April 25, 2021

Below is commitments we made to our community. I have made a note next to the ones where we have made headway and have feedback. Our Q3 2021 commitments remain similar to our Q3, Q4 2020, and Q1 & Q2 commitments.

  • Every quarter we will be donating a portion of our profits to supporting marginalized groups. This will be transparent to our clients and our audience. This will happen at the beginning of each fiscal quarter. – We as a company donated to The Loveland Foundation as well as Youth Outside in Q3 2020. In Q4 2020 we will be donating to The Marshall Project and Wear Your Voice magazine. In Q1 2021 we have donated to the ACLU and Birth Equity. In Q2 20201 we have donated to Groundswellfund, Asian Americans for Equality, Mental Health America, The Marsha Johnson Institute. In Q3 we have donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Western Watersheds Project, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and A21.
  • Our team will be going through paid workshops and trainings led by Black educators on systemic racism and how to be actively anti-racist. This is already occurring and we will continuously be seeking out additional trainings to attend routinely. – Our CEO and team has collectively participated in 3 online trainings related to systems racism in Q3 2020. We highly recommend the trainings we’ve done, including: Show Up & Serve by Trudi Lebron, Unpacking Racism with Ericka Young and Julie Kratz, and Affirmative Action workshop with Lattice Hudson. This will remain a commitment for Q4 2020. Brittney, our founder + CEO has learned from Dynasti Hunt’s E@Work Membership Community and participated in Trudi Lebron’s 30-day Liberatory Leader program in Q2 of 2021.
  • We will actively seek out Black and other women of color to hire for any project work, business trainings, or additional contractor work.
  • We will actively work on diversifying our client list to be a minimum of 50% Black or minority online business owners. Our current done for you client list is overwhelmingly not diverse which is disappointing to admit. Our founder Brittney will be working on identifying why this is (why are we not attracting diverse leads, what are we doing that is not making diverse clients trust in our abilities to represent them well?). This will remain a commitment for 2021.
  • We will actively research and suggest Black and people of color as guests for our client’s podcasts. – Of the client podcasts we manage, we have reached 50% of booked guests to be Black or minority online business owners. This will remain a commitment for 2021. 
  • I will actively seek out and interview Black and other people of color for the Human Connection podcast (goal is to be at least 50% of guests). – I have reached 50% of Black or minority online business owners as guests for my podcast currently and scheduled for future episodes. This will remain a commitment for 2021.
  • I will participate only in events/speaking opportunities where there is a diverse and inclusive group of presenters’ speakers and will call it out if I see otherwise. – I have not yet participated in an online speaking event but this will remain a commitment for 2021.

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