What Our Clients Are Saying

As much as we love singing our own praises at the Human Connection Agency, we’re going to let our clients do this one for us. Check out the amazing success they’ve had from our varied PR services.

“The entire team at The Human Connection Agency is amazing! I came to them after a poor experience with another PR company. This first PR company I worked with (prior to The Human Connection Agency) had promised 5 major publication features, and unfortunately, most of the 5 were for small publications that I had never heard of.

After feeling unimpressed with my first experience with a PR company, I was hesitant to continue investing in PR. However, Brittney and her team far exceeded my expectations! With The Human Connection Agency representing my brand, I was featured in PopSugar Fitness, MSN, Yahoo, Money, MyFitnessPal, InStyle, Thrive Global, and MANY more respectable and popular publications.

Aside from being featured in many major sources, The Human Connection Agency took the time and energy to really understand my company’s messaging and branding. Their pitching and responses crafted to the media were carefully curated with my business’ mission at the forefront.

In addition to being featured in multiple major publications that I probably never would have been able to achieve on my own, I love the element of teamwork at The Human Connection Agency. At every point in my journey with them, I felt seen, heard, and understood.

Brittney and her team were open to my ideas, and we worked together in a collaborative environment to create pitches that were useful, interesting, and in alignment with my business's offerings. It became clear to me early on that integrity, honesty, and open communication are important pillars at the Human Connection Agency, which was important to me.

If you’re hesitant about working with The Human Connection Agency, I highly recommend taking the leap of faith and trusting Brittney and her team. In 6 months you will have PLENTY of credible features to be proud of! Thank you Brittney, Maggie (my lead publicist), and to the entire team at The Human Connection Agency for an amazing PR experience!”

Sarah Pelc Graca | Founder of Strong with Sarah

"I have nothing but good things to say about Brittney & her team. They went above and beyond anything I imagined when I set out to hire a PR agency. I was honestly eye balling these services for YEARS before committing and I'm so glad that I finally did.

Firstly, working with the team was amazing because you could tell that their values reflected in the work that they produced. Secondly, they took the time to listen and implement any feedback and suggestions along the way. They improved upon many of the assets we already had. Lastly, the work we did together will have a positive ripple effect for years to come. I can already see the benefits of the high quality placements the Human Connections team got for me.

If you're looking for a PR team you can trust, one that is grounded in their values and respectful to their clients needs, look no further. I highly recommend the Human Connections Agency."

Andréa Jones | Founder & CEO

"Hiring Human Connection Agency has helped grow our reach, awareness, and expertise. Not only has the connection been good for our agency but also for me personally as a CEO and the connections I've been able to build with other agency owners as I've been on their podcasts. Their consistency in pitching, scheduling, booking, and tracking progress has helped to assist us in our business development goals."

Kate Ahl | Founder & CEO of Simple Pin Media

"I've hired so many publicists over the years, and they were all the same. Minimal results, skyrocketing high prices, and palpable disappointment. Until I met Brittney. Her determination and tenacity shows up in her work every single day. Her ideas for my business are creative and insightful, and her pitches actually yield results. This is the first time in the world of PR where I feel like I'm getting tailored attention and consideration from someone who actually knows what they are doing."
Kali Rogers | Founder & CEO of Blush Online Life Coaching

“A great way to grow your brand and get exposure, and gain a ton of authority especially through publications and media and podcast, is through the work that Brittney does. I literally hired her to do PR stuff for me. I’ve just been blown away from what she’s been able to do and how it works. A lot of this stuff we can actually do on our own, which is really cool.

Getting to be a guest on another person’s podcast is a huge opportunity for you to get more exposure to a targeted audience, to get more… everything from backlinks for SEO to traffic to your website, and more authority for your brand.”

Pat Flynn | Founder of Smart Passive Income

“Brittney and her team helped me earn at least $50,000 from podcast appearances in 2018. She took a high-volume approach, which made sense for where we were at in our business. She landed us dozens of opportunities that will pay dividends, hopefully for several years to come.”
Travis Hornsby | Founder & CEO of Student Loan Planner

"Brittney and her team went above and beyond! I was blown away by the quality of the pitches and media contacts. It was especially helpful to hear how other people describe my business and its impact. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Human Connection Agency to anyone who needs help with visibility and clarifying the story of their business."

Sarah Doody | Founder of Career Strategy Lab

“I know how important PR is, and I was using it regularly very early on in my business. But it’s one of those things that always gets pushed to the back when things get busy. That’s the reason I reached out to Brittney for help. I needed someone to zoom in on the best places I could reach out to and help me do a lot of research beforehand so that I could take the info, run and start implementing it. Brittney did all of that and now I have a clear plan to follow. If time is an excuse and you’d really love to get more eyeballs on your business, you should work with Brittney!”

Meera Kothand | Founder of

“Brittney is a master at PR strategy. I was amazed at how much we were able to cover with our intensive, and I walked away with a clear plan of exactly what we needed to implement first to start taking advantage of all of the PR opportunities that are out there for our business.

Her fun blend of humor and strategy makes her so fun to work with, while her razor-sharp marketing brain comes up with amazing new strategies every time. I highly recommend working with Brittney!"

Amy Brutout Bradbury | Founder of Empowered Profit

"I absolutely loved working with Brittney & her team! They provided a thorough strategy that was tailored to my niche and industry. Her team went above and beyond when it came to thinking of a long-term strategy that my own team will be able to utilize for years to come. I felt that Brittney and her team truly took the time to get to know me and my company values to be able to provide the results that we were looking for. I recommend anyone who wants a true partner in PR to consider working with Brittney and the Human Connection Agency!"

Sarah Moody | CEO of Sarah Moody Coaching

“Brittney and her team took the time to understand me and my goals while also guiding me in a direction that would work well for me. Getting their perspective helps me get out of my own bubble – it’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle, right? I have a new niche I’m super excited about and started planning new content right after our call. The research and templates they provided are super valuable, too. I strongly recommend the PR Intensive! You’ll leave feeling good about yourself, with lots of great information and a plan for action.”

Joe Casabona | Host of How I Built It Podcast & Founder of

"I loved working with Brittney's team and was so relieved to have them handle my PR pitching. Brittney's expertise was so helpful in getting me more press, and I would recommend her to any business owner! Publicity has been a huge help in growing my business and brand visibility and I have Brittney & HCA to thank for that!"

Jess Freeman | Founder and CEO of Jess Creatives

“My PR Intensive with Brittney was so much more than I expected. I left with the exact steps to take, exactly who to contact, exactly how to contact them, and exactly what to say. It honestly helped me narrow down and easily say the overall mission and purpose of my business! Brittney brings great energy and enthusiasm to each call, and the knowledge and resources made available is SO SO SO SO valuable. I literally recommend going through a PR Intensive with everyone that even vaguely mentions wanting to start working on getting themselves out there more!”

- Kaitlyn Kessler | Founder of The Crown Fox

"Brittney is the person you dream of hiring. She's upbeat, proactive, and professional. She has a wealth of knowledge, and if she doesn't know something she'll dive in and learn it. She's creative and fun, and loves getting results for her clients. You can't pay enough for this type of wisdom + loyalty + skills!" - Corey Ann Seldon | Copywriter


From people in the media

“Here’s what I love about working with Brittney: She knows the outlets she’s pitching to very well, which means she understands what types of pieces could work well on them. She knows what type of information they’ll be looking for in a pitch. That part is *very* important — she provides all relevant information and the possible points to cover (all while being succinct, of course), which frankly makes my job a lot easier and prevents us from having to do the always painful back and forth.”

Abby Wolfe | freelance journalist

“It may be weird how excited we are about a podcast pitch, but Jasmine and I are SO INTO THIS! We haven’t had a Pinterest marketer on the show yet, and Kate [from] seems like the PERFECT fit. When I brought Kate’s pitch to Jasmine, her exact words were, “THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE!!! Love it. Love her. Love her brain. Hard yes!”

We’ve only taken two people’s pitches before and we were so delighted by hers.”   

Producer of The Jasmine Star Show podcast

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