Jessica Freeman | Graphic & Web Designer: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Graphic & Web Designer? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast to find out!

Jessica Freeman: Graphic & Web Designer

On today’s show, I have Jessica Freeman who is a Graphic & Web Designer located in Atlanta, GA.

Jess and I met via Twitter or Instagram (we can’t remember which!) and she was really one of my first online business buddies I made one I had started my business. I have so much to thank Jess for and I’m so happy to call her a friend.

During the episode, we chat about how early Jess starts her day (it’s EARLY), how she started Jess Creatives, what to do when people ask for refunds, scarcity mindset and how that negatively affects your business, how and why she uses YouTube to market her business, as well as have a lively debate on whether or not fountain drinks should have ice (you’re going to have to tune in to the end of the episode to find out where we stand!).

Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy!

Jessica Freeman | Graphic & Web Designer: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Graphic & Web Designer? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast to find out!

Jessica Freeman | Graphic & Web Designer

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Her tips for committing to getting up early.
  • The process her clients go through while working with her.
  • One thing people misconceive about being a graphic designer.
  • The best and most difficult things about working for yourself.
  • If she struggles with “turning off” as someone who works from home and how she winds down after a work day.
  • Advice people who want to work for themselves and budding graphic designers.
  • Her advice for how to deal with customers who ask for refunds.
  • How she uses YouTube to market her business and tips for people who want to start using YouTube.

Jessica Freeman is an award-winning graphic and web designer, helping service-based entrepreneurs create a brand that shines through every level of their business. Outside of designing, she also loves producing for her YouTube channel and podcast. Jess lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Aaron.

Key takeaways from this episode

Having an unanswered email drives me nuts. - @jesscreatives Click To Tweet
“Sometimes I have to say, that’s not what I would recommend but it’s their website at the end of the day.” – Jessica Freeman
Video is really great for connecting with people. - @jesscreatives Click To Tweet
“I want to know upfront if we’re going to be a good fit.” – Jessica Freeman
I think a lot of people think we're photoshop monkeys. - @jesscreatives Click To Tweet
“You can’t work from the scarcity mindset. Working out of that mindset will attract the wrong type of people to you”. – Brittney Lynn
“Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it.” – Brittney Lynn
“At first it was super scary, I was really bad at it. I call those first 3 months of videos my awkward videos.” – Jessica Freeman (talking about YouTube)
“I think in the online world, sometimes people forget that there are actual people on the other side of the screen.”- Jessica Freeman
“Do you tell your plumber how to fix your sink?” – Jessica Freeman

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