Elle Drouin | Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Product Stylist Photographer? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast to find out!

Elle Drouin: Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner

On today’s show, I have Elle Drouin, Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner, who is located in New York City.

Elle was one of my first business friends who I found on, you guessed it, Instagram. We’ve partnered together on several projects and hang in the same online business groups and she’s such a fun person to know!

Obviously, I had to have someone on that owns a Insta-famous pet because I know there’s a LOT of you out there that either 1) are really curious about this and want to start your own Instagram for your beloved pet or 2) are totally clueless about this world and are intrigued at learning more.

Elle and I chat about her background in finance and how it led her to start her own business, how she grew her dog Mochi’s Instagram account strategically, the weird requests she gets, and her biggest struggle she has managing both businesses.

Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy!

Elle Drouin | Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for an Insta-famous pet owner? Listen to this Day in the Life podcast episode interviewing Elle Drouin to find out!

Ell Drouin | Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Elle (and Mochi’s) morning routine.
  • Elle’s background in finance and how it led her to start her own business.
  • How & why she started Mochi’s Instagram account and how she grew it strategically.
  • How she determines what Mochi’s audience wants to see on Instagram.
  • Her advice for those who want to grow an Instagram account authentically.
  • Why she decided to start her own styled stock photography business.
  • If she feels pressure to make everything in her Instagram feed look perfect all of the time.
  • How she batches her project tasks and the tools she uses to stay organized.
  • Elle’s favorite partnership Mochi was a part of.
  • The weirdest request Elle’s gotten for a brand collaboration with Mochi.
  • How much does Mochi gets paid per sponsorship.
  • The biggest struggle she has running her business and Mochi’s account.
  • Which Bravo celebrity Mochi is most like.

Elle Drouin is the product stylist and photographer behind wonderfelle MEDIA. After several years working as a marketing director for fashion and beauty startups, Elle launched her business to focus on helping female entrepreneurs build brands that are as profitable as they are pretty. Elle currently runs the Styled Stock Society, a feminine stock photo membership, as well as works with individual clients to capture their style and brand through custom photography. Elle’s work has been featured on Refinery29, Mashable, InStyle, the TODAY Show and a number of other media outlets. She is based in NYC and loves exploring the city with her husband Zach and Instagram-famous dog @mochiandthecity.

Key takeaways from this episode

“I’m actually super left brained, analytical; I love numbers, spreadsheets, and data.” – Elle Drouin
The fastest way to grow your Instagram account is to give your followers what they want. - Elle Drouin Click To Tweet
“It wasn’t until Mochi had 10,000 followers that I thought I should start getting serious about this.” – Elle Drouin
Mochi does have bad hair days just like humans do. - Elle Drouin Click To Tweet
“To stand out in a sea of dogs of Instagram, it’s not enough to just post cute pictures. You really have to create a brand and personality around your pet.” – Elle Drouin
I'm not one that believes in balance in the traditional sense. - Elle Drouin Click To Tweet
“I find when I see everything I have to do, I get really overwhelmed, so to narrow it to 2-3 things I need to do on a daily basis make it easier for me to actually get things done.” – Elle Drouin

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Elle Drouin | Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner Elle Drouin | Product Stylist Photographer & Insta-Famous Pet Owner


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