Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business (Cheat Sheet Included!)

Struggling with keeping up with social media for your solopreneur business? I've been there. But not all hope is lost! Click to learn how to build a social media strategy for your solopreneur business and download the free cheatsheet!

Being a solopreneur business owner can be rough, wouldn’t you agree? If you truly want to have social media work for your solo business, you need to have a strategy. Otherwise, you’ll end up stressed out, unfocused, and overwhelmed with social media (and will most likely give up completely!)

In addition to being a solopreneur myself, many of the clients I work with are also solopreneur business owners. Using the strategy below for your business will help you have clarity, confidence, and focus for your social profiles and for your business.  

Building a Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business

Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business (Cheat Sheet Included!)

Identify your goals for your solopreneur business

Before we start building a social media strategy for your solopreneur business, we first need to identify the goals you have for your business.

Because ultimately, any and everything you do on social media should be supporting one of your goals for your business. Your goals for social media should never be to “have thousands of followers” or “earn thousands of dollars.”

Say one of your goals for your business is to increase your client load to two more clients. Your goals for social media should support you in getting two more clients.

This may mean creating posts that shares your services, featuring testimonials from happy clients, participating in Facebook groups to get your name out there, or participating in relevant Twitter chats where your target audience hangs out.

You don’t have to do all of these things and you can create ideas that are unique to your business. The important thing is that you make sure everything you share (your content plus 3rd party articles) are all supporting your business goals.

Identify your target audience

Once you know your goals for your solopreneur business, you’ll have a better understanding of what your goals should be for your social media platforms.

The next step is identifying your target audience and narrowing in on where they hang out the most.

What I find helpful is to write out a paragraph describing your target audience in detail. Give him or her a name and describe who they are, what they like, where they shop, what sites they visit,  and what their values are.

Here is a great article that helps you create an audience avatar.

Using the information that you discover about your target audience and what resonates with them most will help you understand exactly what type of content they will want to read about, both on your blog and on your social platforms. This will help you also discover which platform they use the most.

Building a Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business

Focus on one platform at a time

From the previous step, you should have identified the platform that your target audience hangs out on the most. Whichever platform that may be, we’re going to focus solely on that platform.

Yes, you will be tempted to use the other platforms. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable with not posting regularly to one of your platforms but you know what…that’s OKAY. It will still be there when you’re ready to come back, I promise.

The point of doing this is so you can fully be present on the one platform. It’s time to be helpful, show up, and start working toward your goals.

Schedule time in your calendar every other day to commit to this platform (or plan ahead if you don’t think you can be there that often). Even if it’s just 10-15 minutes, do the work and commit. Over time you will start to see traction and all of your hard work will pay off.

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Observe what successful people post

The best out there are the best for a reason. There’s something about their posts that resonate with people. Observe what type of content they post (video, picture, text?), how often, and tone. 

Does their content resonate with people because it’s informative? Or is it because it’s more personal?

Are they sharing primarily videos, photos, text or a mix of all three?

Now this isn’t to say you should copy exactly what they do, but more of an overall observance their content and why it resonates with their audience. You can then start to brainstorm ways you can share content that will resonate with your audience.

Define your content calendar

After observing what works for others, you’ll have an idea of the type of content you’ll want to share on your platforms.

You’ll want to define how often you are going to post as well as what type of content. Keep in mind how much time you can reasonably dedicate to doing these tasks because they will take some time if you’re running a solo business.

While you’re defining your content calendar, you might as well schedule the time during your work week that will do these tasks. I find batching tasks to be the most efficient way to complete these items.

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Make sure your profiles are completely filled out

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but you would be shocked to know how often I’ve worked with clients in the past who didn’t have a complete profile.

A running list for a complete profile includes:


  • Professional profile photo
  • Cover image
  • About section
  • Tabs


  • Professional profile photo
  • Header image
  • Link to email subscription or website
  • Brief description of what you do and who you help


  • Professional profile photo
  • Link to email subscription or website
  • Brief description of what you do and who you help


  • Professional profile photo
  • Link to email subscription or website
  • Brief description of what you do and who you help
  • Board descriptions including keywords related to your niche


  • Professional profile photo
  • Brief description of what you do and who you help
  • Filled out summary & bio

Building a Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business

Find a way to automate

Yes, you can get help from automation programs!

Some people think that automating parts of your business me and your business is less personal. If you set them up to sound like a robot, then you indeed will not come off as personable.

But it is possible to automate and sound like a normal human being, it’s all about how you set it up.

Programs I currently use, use for clients or have used in the past include:

Programs I haven’t used, but have heard great things about:

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Find ways to network on the platforms

Automation is wonderful, but you will still need to devote some time to network on the different platforms. Some platforms aren’t built for much networking (i.e. Pinterest) but there are still ways to network on each of the platforms. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Twitter chats
    • How to find relevant Twitter chats
  • Facebook groups
    • How to find relevant Facebook groups
      • Search on Google for “keyword + Facebook groups”
      • Search on Facebook for niche keywords and search under groups
  • LinkedIn groups
    • How to find relevant LinkedIn groups
      • Search in the search box on LinkedIn for niche keywords
  • Pinterest group boards
    • How to find relevant Pinterest group boards
  • Instagram hashtags

Final Thoughts

I want to make sure to note that building your brand on social media will take time. It is rare for a business to suddenly explode on social media, especially these days. Don’t have expectations that overnight your profiles will skyrocket. Slow and steady wins the race.

Oh! And the best reminder —> Stop comparing yourself. To other business owners, to other businesses, to everyone and everything. Comparing will not get you anywhere and will not make you feel better. Stay in your lane and enjoy the ride.  

Building a Social Media Strategy For Your Solopreneur Business

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