PR tips for authors

This is a continuation of my mini-series here on the podcast where I’m going to be sharing PR and media pitching tips for all kinds of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The first episode in the series was covering PR tips for service providers, our second was PR tips for online course and/or membership creators.

But today’s episode we will be covering PR tips for authors!

Now before we dive in, I want to share that these tips will be specifically for non-fiction authors. Authors who write business books, self help, professional development genre. The fiction book industry is not one I am as familiar with so I don’t feel as comfortable sharing strategies for those individuals.

PR tips for authors

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • The importance of a PR strategy for authors
  • When to implement a PR strategy as an author of an upcoming book
  • The PR strategy I recommend authors implement for their books
  • 4 mistakes I see authors make when they start implementing a PR strategy

Resources mentioned during the episode

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