PR and visibility strategies for introverts

PR and visibility strategies for introverts

Today’s episode is all about PR strategies for introverts.

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NOW….onto today’s episode…PR strategies for introverts!

I, too, am an introvert so please know that these tips are coming from someone who knows how you feel.

An introvert may feel uncomfortable at large networking events, feel totally drained after being at a party with a lot of people, you may not enjoy being put on the spot (your mind goes blank)…overall you prefer less social interaction and recharge your batteries by being alone.

You may be thinking that pitching yourself for media opportunities is only for extroverts. People that thrive on being surrounded by a lot of people, being the life of the party, but I’d beg to differ…introverts, especially during these times right now, can thrive off of being visible in ways that aren’t anxiety-inducing.

PR and visibility strategies for introverts

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Why now is the time for introverts to be visible and pitch themselves for media opportunities
  • 6 tips for getting visible as an introvert
  • The number 1 thing you need to do as an introvert before pitching
  • How to use social media during social distancing to network with new people

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