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A free 5 day challenge to help you land your first media mention.

Want to land your first media mention but have no idea how to connect with the media? This free challenge helps you land your first podcast interview, publication quote, or local tv interview! 

Live challenge begins July 13, 2020.

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Here's what you'll learn during the challenge:

  • Day 1: Why PR is one of the best ways to increase your reach in 2020 and how to narrow in on your pitching purpose so you can be confident that media outreach will yield positive business results
  • Day 2: How to identify the topics you can pitch so that you are positioning yourself as a leading expert in your industry
  • Day 3: How to figure out the best places to pitch yourself so that you can get in front of the right audience who are actually interested in what it is that you sell
  • Day 4: The tools you need in place to pitch yourself (all free!) so you can easily incorporate media pitching into your weekly routine without spending hours wasting time
  • Day 5: How to craft your first pitch and SEND IT (happy dance included!)
"Pitchfest helped me figure out not only why I should pitch myself but HOW to pitch the media and who to pitch. Brittney made it so easy and clear for me to implement a targeted PR strategy for my business that gets results but doesn’t take all of my time!"
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Nicole Jackson Miller
Leadership Consultant
"Brittney's pitches are targeted, thoughtful, efficient, and effective. She has always been open to ongoing dialogue with me to ensure that we're on the same page about the subjects that I'm prioritizing and is receptive to all kinds of feedback to make her clients and pitches stronger!"
Alli Hoff Kosik
Alli Hoff Kosik
Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Brittney!

I'll be your instructor for Pitchfest and I'm SO excited you're here. I've seen the power of media placements and how it can help business owners just like you increase your reach and impact in the world. You have a message to share and I want to help you share it with the masses. I can't wait to see you land your first media mention!

are you ready to be known as a leading expert in your industry?

I want to help you share your message with the masses and one of the best ways to do that is to be featured by relevant podcasts, publications, and tv networks. 

The 5-day free challenge starts on July 13, 2020. Enter your name and email below to grab your spot!