Welcome to Pitchfest! This page will be where each of the day’s challenge videos will be posted as well as the accompanying worksheets and emails.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group to meet other Pitchfest peeps and tag me on Instagram @brittneyllynn when you are completing each day’s task! Would love to give you a shout out 🙂

Remember, each day there will be a 1 prize winner if you complete that day’s challenge work. The emails include all of the prize-winning details!

Day 1: Identify your PR Purpose

Click to download the Day 1 worksheets

Click to read Day 1 challenge email

Day 2: Identify the topics you can pitch

Click here to download the Day 2 worksheets

Click to read Day 2 Challenge email

Day 3: How to figure out the best places to pitch yourself

Click here to download the Day 3 worksheets

Click to read Day 3 Challenge email

Day 4: The tools you need in place to pitch yourself (plus what to do if you’ve fallen behind)

Click here to view Day 4’s spreadsheet tracker

Click to read Day 4 Challenge email

Day 5: It’s PITCH day!

Click here to view Day 5’s pitch templates

Click to read Day 5 Challenge email

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