Why You Should Join Pinterest Group Boards | Find out how to find quality Pinterest group boards as well as WHY you should join them. Free checklist included too!

Pinterest group boards. They can be overwhelming, can’t they? I know when I was first starting out using Pinterest for business purposes I felt that way. But Pinterest group boards can be game changers, if you use them correctly.

One key piece of advice I can offer you is to find quality groups boards. Don’t just join a group board because it has a huge following. Make sure it’s in line with your industry and the types of content you share, as well as a board you are proud to be a part of. Joining huge spammy boards will get your business nowhere fast, so be cautious.


So where do you find group boards? I primarily use PinGroupie. PinGroupie is a free tool you can use to find group boards in your particular industry.

Here is the search criteria you can use to look for group boards on PinGroupie:

Why You Should Join Pinterest Group Boards

  • Category (these are the categories listed in Pinterest when you create a board)
  • OrderBy (you can order by Collaborators, Followers, Pins, Likes, Repins)
  • Sort (ascending or descending)
  • Title of group board
  • Description of group board (keywords uses on group board)

Here is an example I looked up under the health and fitness category:

Why You Should Join Pinterest Group Boards

I used the health and fitness category, looked up followers, and put it in ascending order. Nice information, but not the best way to look up quality group boards (which is what we’re after). Here is a revised way to search for relevant group boards:

Why You Should Join Pinterest Group Boards

I changed the OrderBy to “repins” and Sort by “descending.” This shows the group boards that have the highest number of repins first.

One of the main reasons to join group boards is to get your content re-pinned. The higher number of repins for the group board, the higher the probability that your pins would get re-pinned by users.

Remember, when you’re searching for group boards, you want to join quality boards. Quantity does not always equal quality. I recommend not joining super huge group boards because those can become content mills where everyone is only promoting their own content and no one is sharing others.

A key thing to remember with group boards is you are a collaborator on the board. Meaning you need to share other people’s content, not just your own.

Pinterest recently changed it’s algorithm again (as of this post being published in March 2016) and though it hasn’t been clear exactly what is changing, it’s safe to assume that if you’re only pushing your content onto group boards and leaving, your pins will have less of a chance of being seen.

Remember, this is a social platform. You need to be social on it, meaning not always “talking about yourself.” Cool? Cool.

Now that we know how to join Pinterest group boards, let’s get into why you should join them!


Why You Should Join Pinterest Group Boards

Increases your re-pins

This is a no-brainer, but needs to be mentioned. Obviously, if your pins are going out in front of a larger audience, it increases your chances to have your pins re-pinned. This is why it’s important to make sure you are joining quality, relevant group boards in your industry. If you are a wedding planner but you join a popular health and fitness board, you probably won’t see many re-pins because your content isn’t relevant to a health and fitness board.

The best way to increase your re-pins on group boards is to share highly targeted content to that particular group board.

Exposure in front of a different audience

These group boards can have thousands of followers. Followers you may not have been able to get in front of if it wasn’t for the group board. Increasing your exposure to a different audience can help bring in new followers of your blog.

Increase your followers

Going along with more exposure, you can also increase your followers by joining Pinterest group boards. Once people see that you are pinning quality content to the group board, other contributors and followers of the board will start to notice your profile and begin to follow you.

Following other people (group board contributors included) will also help increase your follower count.

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Planning with clients

This is a unique way to use Pinterest group boards, but really valuable. Group board use doesn’t have to be public, it can also be private.

Going along with the wedding planner example, say you are helping a bride plan her upcoming wedding. You can create a private group board for both you and her to join, and she can pin ideas and inspiration as to what she imagines her wedding to look like. You can both contribute to the board so you can have clear visual of what she wants for her big day. I was once part of a group board for a friend’s wedding  I was in. It was fun to share ideas and get a feel for what my friend wanted her day to look like!

This isn’t just for planning weddings though, you could use it a number of ways: Event planner (birthdays, galas, etc), graphic designer, interior design, personal trainer, stylist, gardener…the opportunities are endless!

Save time

Pinning to group boards can save a lot of time (which you only have so much of when you’re a small business, amiright?!). With one pin to a group board, you are sharing it to a much larger audience, meaning your content will get out there faster than if you were just pinning to your own boards. This ends up saving you time, giving you the biggest bang for your buck on Pinterest.

I also recommend using BoardBooster (affiliate link) for saving time. I started using Board Booster a month ago and it has been (dare I say) life changingCheck out a full review of BoardBooster, including a video tutorial!

Better relevant content for you to share

Once again, if you’re joining relevant group boards, you will have even better content to share on your other Pinterest boards. The group boards that you join, you will also follow. So you will see all of the other contributor pins in your Pinterest feed.

This will be relevant content to your audience that you can share to your followers. You want to be sharing the best of the best to your followers, and this content is a great place to start.

Just like with any other social platforms, you aren’t going to be sharing only your content 24/7. You want to have a well-rounded experience for your audience, and that means sharing other people’s relevant content.

Partner with other brands

Getting more exposure for your business and brand is awesome, but joining group boards can also lead to partnering with other brands. For example, I joined Traffic Wonker’s social media marketing group board, as that is directly in line with the type of content I share. They allowed me to be a contributor and then asked if I wanted to have my own guest board on their profile to share content.

Now my brand is exposed to an entirely new audience that I may not have been able to reach, all because I joined a group Pinterest board!

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Question: What do you like the most about joining Pinterest group boards?