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How Small Businesses Can Use Twitter Lists

How Small Businesses Can Use Twitter Lists | Twitter lists are a fantastic way to give your small business a boost. Click to learn how your small business can use Twitter lists to boost your brand!

  Twitter lists. One of the most under-utilized tools, in my opinion. A Twitter list is a list timeline that only includes the tweets from people included on the list. Twitter lists can be public or private. Anyone can follow and see your public lists, only you can see your own private lists. Here’s how […]

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Increasing Engagement Series: Twitter

Increasing Engagement Series: Twitter | Increase engagement on your Twitter profile and your sales will soar! Click to learn how!

Time for our next post in the Increasing Engagement Series: Twitter! Twitter was one of those platforms that I was slightly reluctant to use. I remember my senior year of college in my Emerging Technologies class that we had to create our own Twitter account. I thought it was dumb at the time. “What the […]

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