Monica Louie on creating Facebook ads that work and how to 10x your results

Welcome back to the Human Connection podcast, I’m your host Brittney Lynn and today’s interview is with my good friend and Facebook ads expert Monica Louie!

Monica and her agency manages ads for 6- and 7-figure online business owners, has managed more than $2 million in ad spend, and has taught hundreds to successfully run their own ads through her online training program, Flourish with Facebook Ads.

She is THE go-to expert when it comes to Facebook ads and I’m so excited to bring her on to share her expertise.

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Alright, now let’s get into this week’s episode!

Monica Louie on creating Facebook ads that work and how to 10x your results

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • How to 10x your return on investment in paid social advertising
  • How PR adds credibility to your paid ads
  • How to drive additional traffic to your press mentions, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more thru advertising
  • What a good cost per lead is in the B2B space
  • What metrics to look at and know if your paid ads are working
  • Tips on installing the Facebook ad pixel
  • The one thing that businesses that are successful with Facebook ads do
  • How to create a Facebook ad that connects to an audience on a human level

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