Meg Baker on what to do if your ideal customers aren’t buying now

Today’s interview is with hiring expert and business consultant Meg Baker of MegKCo! She helps visionary entrepreneurs streamline their business with the right team and perfect their processes.

Meg is a delight to speak with and I’m super excited for you to tune into this episode.

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THIS POWER HOUR WAS SO WORTH IT. For real. Brittney went through the pitch I was sending, fixed it up, AND recorded her feedback and notes while she did it so I could understand the WHYS behind the changes (which I totally love). We also strategized WHO I should be targeting with this pitch…because audience matters. All in all, when I send this pitch out, I know, for a fact, it’s going to be an EASY YES for people….and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

Alright, let’s dive into the episode!

Meg Baker on what to do if your ideal customers aren’t buying now

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • What it’s like to work with your best friend and the importance of communication with you’re hiring friends
  • How she leverages her quick startedness to help her clients
  • The biggest problem she sees visionaries have and how to overcome that problem
  • What you can do now if they do find themselves with more time because of clients not buying right now
  • How to have conscious conversations with your team members
  • How she’s used her Kolbe to create a business structure that she loves
  • Why you need to hire that compliment your skills and not your clone

Resources mentioned during the episode

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