Hello & Welcome To The Blog

Hello and welcome to the blog! I’d like to share my background and experience in this post, so let’s get right to it!


I graduated from Purdue University in May 2010 with a degree in Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy, with a minor in Sociology. Boiler Up!

From their, I briefly worked at a vacation rental company in Vail, Colorado. While it was a fun summer living in Vail, living there long-term was not realistic.

After applying to, oh, I don’t know how many jobs (an insane amount, that’s for sure), I finally landed a job at the Chamber of Commerce in the town where I went to college. There, I served as an administrative assistant, helped plan events, managed new member welcome procedures, and whatever else they needed help doing.

I knew it wasn’t a long term place for me though, as I never desired to stay in Lafayette, Indiana.

The next move was to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where my husband received a job. Though I was not jumping up and down at the thought of moving to where it was even colder (I’m so a warm weather person), it was the best move for us at the time.

We lived in Milwaukee for four and a half years. While there, two jobs helped launched my career in social media marketing and digital content creation.

I first worked for a company in the recruitment industry, where I managed social media accounts for up to 11 clients simultaneously. It took a lot of planning, organization, and communication to be able to create content as well as respond to comments on the social platforms for 11 clients.

I then moved to a broader digital marketing role at a university in downtown Milwaukee. There, I was able to truly help build an overall marketing plan for a department, primarily focusing on digital content such as email marketing, social media, re-targeting ads, and digital ads.

After two and half years at the job, my husband received a job offer located in Dallas, Texas. After a lot of praying, discussing, and planning, we decided to make the move across the country to warmer weather (much to my happiness, I’ll admit!).


As we were making plans for our move, I obviously could not keep my currently held job, as working in higher education quite often depends on you physically being in the office (at least from my experience).

I brought up the idea of potentially working for myself to my husband and he agreed now was a great time to try it out. Concurrently with the move, we had paid off our last debt payment (no car payments, credit cards, or student loans – hi-YAH!) so we would have the wiggle room to let me try this whole entrepreneur/small business owner/freelancer business.

And that brings us to now!

I’d love to work with clients that also are building their small business, whether that be a fellow entrepreneur or blogger, local restaurant owner, photographer, fitness studio owner, or beyond.

I want to help other passionate small businesses thrive in the digital marketing space, especially through their social media platforms.

Check out my services page for more information, or send me an email if you’d like to work together!

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