Day In The Life

Hey there, solopreneur! Welcome to the Day in the Life series.

I created the Day in the Life series to showcase what truly happens during an average day of a business owner.

When I was starting out in January 2016, I had rose-colored glasses on as to what it's really like to run a business. I thought I would sleep in, wake up whenever I wanted, leisurely go to the gym, get to work in my yoga pants all day, and then casually do work (that obviously came easy to me) while sippin' on a hot mug of coffee.

While there are definitely days I work all day in my yoga pants, things were not Instagram-worthy in my world.

Being a business owner isn't as glamorous as it seems, and I wanted to create a way for people to share what it's really like in their daily lives.

I want to show the good, bad, and ugly (which often ends up being the funny) of what it's truly like to run a business because I know that's what I needed when I was starting out. You have ups and you have downs just like everyone else, even though it may seem like an "easy lifestyle."

My goal is to share blog posts from guests who are doing this full-time, part-time, and side hustlin' as well as people from all different industries and countries.

I want this to be a movement where we all start to feel more comfortable sharing our authentic selves because deep down, we're all in this together.

If you're interested in contributing to the Day in the Life blog series, please review the guidelines before submitting.

Below you can find the posts from the series so far, but we're only just beginning!

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