Day in the Life: Krista Miller of Krista Rae

Day in the Life: Krista Rae of Coded Creative | Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a WordPress Developer? Now’s your chance! In today’s Day in the Life series, Krista Rae shares the ins and outs of being a WordPress Developer, from start to finish. Enjoy!

Krista was one of my very first business buddies. She even was kind enough to do a webinar with me when I was a total newbie!

I admire Krista for how she’s grown and changed her business over the last year. This girl has so much going on and I have no idea how she keeps up with everything.

I mean, she has client work, a WordPress theme shop, a podcast, workshops…girlfriend has it going on!

Check out how she handles it all by reading a day in her life!

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Day in the Life: Krista Miller of Krista Rae

5:00-5:15 am – Morning Routine

Each morning my day starts at 5 am. This is a habit that’s carried over from working a day job and I really enjoy it, since morning is my go-time. I love working when no one else is awake, Facebook is pointless to check, and my mind is fresh.

I don’t have what people are starting to look at as a traditional morning routine. There’s no journaling, meditating, or anything like that, but I do have a few things I do before diving into work.

I start by helping my husband get himself off to the gym. He is not a morning person and he hates the gym, so I take it upon myself to get his pre-workout drink ready and make sure he gets out of bed.

After that, I get myself some tea started, fill a big water bottle, and take a few vitamins.

After my tea is ready, it’s down to business.

5:15-7:00 am – Client Work

I see my day as being broken up into 3 pieces of work. This first one right after I get up, the shorter one after I get back from the gym, and then after lunch.

Each day, I focus on a specific set of tasks before lunch and a specific set after. Since the day I’m writing this is a Tuesday, that means client work before lunch and what I’m calling “CEO work” after lunch. (We’ll talk about that later)

Today I’m finishing up responsiveness on a custom blog design project for Printable Crush. Responsiveness isn’t my favorite thing, but a few episodes of The Strategy Hour Podcast along with the Pomodoro Technique have helped keep my mind more entertained than it would be otherwise.

In my first session, I ended up finishing the header, footer, sidebar, blog, blog posts, and about page. Almost done!

7:00-7:30 am – Breakfast

I wasn’t always good at stopping work to eat breakfast. My husband would leave for work and take his breakfast with him and after he left I’d grab something easy and sit at my desk and eat while I worked.

But as of about a month and a half ago, my husband works from home so now we set aside a little time each morning to have breakfast together.

Today’s breakfast for me consisted of two boiled eggs. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

7:30-8:15 am – Client Work

As I’m sitting down to start back up, I’m a liiiiittle too excited to be almost done with coding this project and am doing my best not to rush it. Just a few more things to wrap up before I send it off to the designer (Kory in this case) for revisions!

During this session, I finished responsiveness on the rest of the site (yay!) and touched up a few other things I forgot about like heading styles and blockquotes. I also went back through Kory’s mockups to make sure everything looked just the way she’d designed it and tested everything on my old iPhone 5s, my current iPhone 6s Plus, and my iPad. A few things I ended up fixing include the color of section titles in the sidebar and the text that is shown on the comment button on blog posts.

Since that meant the end of my development for this project, I let Kory know that I was ready for her revisions!

Whenever I get to a good stopping point like this in the morning, it’s time for the gym!

8:15-9:30 am – Gym

Going to the gym is one of my favorite parts of the day. I’m really into weightlifting and I love going there, feeling like I’m in control, and going at my own pace.

I’m in a great membership program from Jessie Hilgenberg that gives me workouts to do each day. 4 days a week are lifting, 1 day is high-intensity intervals, 1 is plyometrics (aka the worst thing ever invented…ever), and 1 is yoga.

Today was a lifting day focusing on biceps, triceps, and calves. I did 3 sets of 15 reps for the following exercises:

  • Bench dip
  • Low cable bicep curl
  • Cable tricep pushdown
  • Weighted calf raises
  • Chin ups
  • Close grip chest press
  • Two arm cable curls

Here’s a nerdy picture of me doing the cable curls and having to concentrate way too hard to take the picture before someone else walks in the room. (Can you tell I don’t take selfies often?)

9:30-10:15 am – Get Presentable + Facebook Black Hole + Snack Time

What being “presentable” means to me varies greatly from day-to-day. Usually Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays I can go without seeing anybody so I hop in the shower, hop out, and I’m done. Wednesdays are a toss-up. I schedule calls on Wednesday’s, but unless it’s a client I’ve never talked face-to-face with before, I usually just throw on some makeup and put my hair in a ponytail. And Thursdays I do a Facebook Live, have a mastermind call, and take client calls and coffee chats so those are the day that I’ll do makeup and put a little more effort into my hair.

Even though today, as I’m writing this, is a Tuesday, I did manage to schedule myself a couple calls today, but I decided to go the lazy route and just throw my hair up. Making it cute just takes too. darn. long.

It’s also been about a week since I freshened up the pink in my hair, so I did a deep conditioning treatment and caught up on Facebook and commenting on videos in my YouTube pod while that was setting. (I meant to spend about 5 minutes on Facebook and have been sitting here for 20 minutes, soooo time to shower now)

The last thing I did before I jumped back into work was grab some applesauce to get me through to lunch.

10:15-10:35 am – Client Work

Now that I’ve gotten the gym out of the way it’s time to jump back into client work. Kory was awesome and sent her revisions over while I was at the gym so I have those that I can get out of the way a day early!

10:35-11:55 am – Proposal + Emails

Usually I’d work on client work until about 11:30 and then stop to see if there were any important emails that needed to be answered, but the revisions only took about 25 minutes and I don’t have any other client work to do at the moment so I decided to work on a proposal to clear up some extra time this afternoon.

The proposal ended up taking me about an hour (I know, too long), and I spent about 15 minutes in my inbox (aka my least favorite place in the world).

Now it’s time for lunch!

11:55 am-12:50 pm – Lunch

During lunch I tend to reheat some leftovers and sit on the couch and eat while I scroll through Facebook and watch Instagram stories. I should probably just learn to sit and relax, buuuut we’ll work on that.

I usually like to either go for a walk or do a little Bible study, but today I ran out of time (too much scrolling) and had to jump back over to my office to get ready for a call with my lovely assistant.

Oh, and my husband surprised me with these two awesome books! I love how they couldn’t be a whole lot more different.

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12:50-1:30 pm – Social Media Strategy Call

Last week I realized that I was having my assistant spend way too much time scheduling tweets and Facebook posts for me when that isn’t at all where my clients are. As a result, the platforms that really matter to my business, Pinterest and Instagram, kind of take a backseat. So today we’re working up a new strategy!

Coffee is required:

1:30-2:35 pm – Workshop slides

This week I’m hosting a 3-day paid workshop. Since I like to have the content fresh in my mind each day, I usually make the slides the day before…like I am today. But I’ll be honest, I haaaate slides so I’m going to try to power through these bad boys as fast as possible.

(No joke, I went from writing that update, straight to Facebook without even starting on the slides. This is gonna be rooooough)

(Then I went and talked to my husband, filled up my water bottle, and did some stretches.)

(Okay, I’m really making the slides now)

I did it! 48 slides later and I’m doooone.

2:35-3:00 pm – Break time

Lately, I’ve been getting pretty good at giving myself at least one break throughout the afternoon. Usually it means scrolling through Facebook and having a snack, but today I answered a couple emails, had some trailmix and paced around my living room.

3:00-5:00 pm – Instagram Pictures

Technically, my to-do list for the day is empty, but since my husband and I are leaving on vacation next week I’m going to use my last hour of the workday to get ahead. Instagram pictures is something I’ve been dreading so might as well get it out of the way now!

I always start by making a huuuuge mess in the living room with all of my props.

Then, I rotate through and just take random pictures with my iPhone. I do have a nice camera, but iPhone pictures are easy for me to edit so that’s what I’ve been using lately.

I ended up taking way longer than I meant to, but ended up with about 70 usable pictures and I’m preeeetty thrilled with that. They’re edited and uploaded to Later, ready to schedule!

5:00-9:00 pm – Relax

Usually, I stop working around 4:00, but today ran a bit late. I’ll spend the rest of my evening relaxing with my husband and probably watching some Parks & Rec (yes, even though I’ve already watched the entire series 4 times).

After work, I’m usually pretty worthless, so there’s nothing too exciting to share here. Some days we’ll go for a walk or do some cleaning up around the house, but I’m pretty exhausted so I just sat around, wishing it was an acceptable time to go to bed.

Oh, but there was this:

Thanks for following along!

Krista is a WordPress developer who specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients’ goals while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing design. Through WordPress development and website strategy consulting, she’ll help you create websites your clients will love for years to come. Learn more over on her website!

Follow her: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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