Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

Day in the Life: Bluchic Co-Founder Kathie Wiehanne | Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a husband/wife team that creates WordPress themes? Now’s your chance! In today’s Day in the Life series, Kathie Wiehanne of Bluchic shares the ins and outs of running Bluchic full-time, from start to finish. Enjoy!

I’ve been working with Kathie from Bluchic for over a year now and to say it’s been a delight would be an extreme understatement.

Kathie and her husband Andrew run Bluchic full-time, which is a feminine WordPress theme shop for female entrepreneurs and bloggers and in addition to being a client, I’m also a customer because their themes are AMAZING. I use the Victoria theme and I have been so incredibly happy with it. They also recently released Canva Social Media Templates which are PERFECT for those who want well-designed social media graphics but aren’t ready to hire a graphic designer.

But Bluchic’s amazing products aren’t the only reason why I love them. Kathie is so incredible to work with and I feel honored that she chose to work with me to help her grow Bluchic. Sometimes I sit back and think of how many people I get to effect with my business and it’s humbling. To have the opportunity to work with so many smart, intelligent people (some of whom live half way across the world like Kathie does!) is something I’m grateful for every day.

Okay, enough sappy talk, let’s get onto the post!

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Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne of Bluchic

8:00 am

I usually let my body rhythm to wake me up naturally because I don’t like the sound of an alarm clock. And, 8 am is the sweet spot!

Once I wake up, I grab my phone and check my email inbox first thing in the morning. It’s a habit of years, as I like to check out the number of sales (cha-ching!) and what are the pre-sales emails that are awaiting reply.

8:15 am

As I shower and get ready for the day, my 2 ½ year old wakes up and plays with his Lego. Soon after he gets frustrated and throws tantrum because he couldn’t piece together the Lego Super Heroes vehicle set (not the first time!). My husband wakes up and helps him, but the tantrum continues with lots of crying.

After my little one calms down, I get him to wear his playschool uniform. Thank God he wants to change, because sometimes he just wants to wear his Batman T-shirt instead of the uniform. Yeap, he’s so into super heroes now.

8:45 am

My husband starts the car while my little one wears his shoes. I usually help him because we’re often in a rush but have learn to take it slowly and let him learn how to wear his own shoes. And.. we’re ready to leave the house!

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

The playschool is around 10 minutes from the house. We started sending him to half day playschool a year ago. Then we changed to full day, including day care, 5 days a week starting this year so that my husband and I have enough hours to get some work done because apparently working during his naptime didn’t work for us. This arrangement works well for us now!

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

9:00 am

After dropping our son at the playschool, we go for breakfast at a hawker stall in the neighborhood. I’m starving so I have a beef noodle and iced tea, while my husband has his coffee. We like to use the breakfast time to chit chat over work, news or anything else.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

9:30 am

We get home and ready to start working! I have a few pre-sales emails to reply and my husband tackles the support tickets. After that, each of us dives into our own to-do list. Aside from using Asana to plan for the launch, we typically use old-school way of paper and notebooks to write our tasks.

Morning is my most productive time so I usually do my design work around this hour. We’re working on a launch for new templates so we review the demo site, then my husband creates the video tutorials and I create the PDF guide.

We go back and forth on the demo site and tutorials a lot to ensure that we have covered what’s needed to make the templates work.

We take a few minute break here and there once we’re tired. He’ll make a cup of coffee while I sit on the couch scrolling through my Instagram feed. That’s pretty therapeutic to me.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

Anyway, our workspace is our IKEA dining table near the window. It was supposed to be a temporary solution when we had a baby, but who knows! We’re loving the dining table spot and not moving into the office room anytime soon.

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12:45 pm

It’s lunch time! We used to meal-prep but got bored of it so we just wing it this week. We decide to go to the neighborhood mall for lunch.

Our favorite noodle house is so crowded and have a long queue, so we just go for another outlet to have Taiwanese meal set.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

1.30 pm

After lunch, we go for a grocery shopping trip because we’re going to cook for tonight. By we, I mean my husband, while I just help him from the side.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

2:00 pm

Back home and get back to work! Continue to iron out the details for the new templates and preparing for beta testers.

3:00 pm

Take a little break for a tea time and have bread with Nutella. I’m not so productive during the afternoon time, so I just reply to emails and format this week’s blog post.

4:30 pm

Wrap up work and prepare for dinner. Making sure the meal is ready when the little one is home and work is completed for the day.

5:15 pm

Go to fetch the little one from playschool! Once he’s home, it’s no-work and no-laptop time for us. Basically little to no screen time for all of us. We removed the TV a few months ago once we knew that our son has a mild speech delay.

It was not easy at first but we got used to it and now everyone sits in the living room after dinner for Legos. It’s not always ideal and perfect, as there will be tantrum and me yelling at the little one.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

8:30 pm

We go up to the bedroom, take a shower and the little one continues to play Legos together with his Daddy.

9:00 pm

Our little one is hungry again so it’s bread + Nutella time. I have one as well because well.. it’s Nutella! Then he goes back to the bedroom with me and we play together, while my husband has his own time and answers the support tickets (clear the queue before our bedtime).

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

10:40 pm

Bedtime routine is a long one. But finally, our little one drinks his milk and I’m pat him to sleep. Sometimes after he falls asleep, I’ll get up to read emails or newsletters, but I think tonight I’ll stay in the bed and go to sleep early. I definitely need my 8 or 9 hours sleep otherwise I can’t function well the next day.

Day in the Life: Kathie Wiehanne

I’m Kathie of Bluchic, and together with my husband I create stunning, feminine WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and bloggers since 2012. When I’m not designing new templates, I’m spending time with my son — probably munching down on sushi or even just spend hours playing Legos.

Follow her: Website | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter

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