Day in the Life: Kaitlyn Kessler of The Crown Fox

Day in the Life: Kaitlyn Kessler of The Crown Fox | Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a graphic design assistant? Now’s your chance! In today’s Day in the Life series, Kaitlyn Kessler of The Crown Fox shares the ins and outs of being a graphic design assistant, from start to finish. Enjoy!

I’ve been following Kaitlyn for over a year now and we just had our first Skype date a few months ago. To say we hit it off immediately is an understatement. We started our business practically at the same time and have seriously went through the same rollercoaster of emotions that is business ownership.

We even found out we work for some of the same clients and had no idea! Ha.

I was excited to bring her onto the Day in the Life series not only because I think she’s awesome, but because she’s not your typical graphic designer.

Most graphic designers work with clients on a certain project and then after that project is done, they stop working together.

Kaitlyn’s structured her services differently in that small business owners hire her to be their resident designer for a monthly retainer fee. How cool is that?!

Check out her day in the life and let us know in the comments what you think!

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Day in the Life: Kaitlyn Kessler of The Crown Fox

8 am

I’ve been trying to get in the routine of doing yoga first thing in the morning. I’m not totally good at it yet, but today I woke up and did it. I use an app called Down Dog and I really love it, they have cool music and a lot of different options for times/difficulty level/focus areas, etc.

8:30 am

After yoga I hop in the shower and do all the normal ‘morning routine’ stuff. Except I don’t do a great job at makeup today because I know there’s a slim chance of me actually leaving the house, so mostly I just try to hide my (genetic) dark circles under my eyes (haha)

9:30 am

Made a green smoothie! Not pictured: frozen banana (they don’t photograph so well), cranberry juice, and coconut oil.

9:45 am

Start actually doing work. So, I know a lot of people are like up at 6 am doing awesome things, starting work by 8 am, etc. Try as I might, I am not a morning person. So my workday starts around 10 usually! I write in my 5-minute journal first, review if I wrote anything down in my planner (it’s hit or miss mostly), and dive into client work.

10 am-12 pm

My days are kind of weird, I think. I have a handful of clients that I am on retainer for and the tasks can be anything from a 5-minute tweak to a lengthier workbook or download. I try to check off all the quick little edits/tasks that don’t take very long first so that my to do list is less exhausting looking. So far today I’ve made a handful of different social media graphics for clients, made some Facebook prompts for someone’s group, revised/sent over finals for someone’s challenge launch graphics, and answered a handful of emails. I have some longer tasks that I’ll do in the afternoon.

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12-12:30 pm

Lunch time! This time varies, but I usually break up doing the quicker/short tasks and the longer/hours at a time tasks with food. Today I got a salad from this restaurant down the street because I can pretend it’s healthy even though it’s totally fried chicken, not grilled. Normally I’d have leftovers but we didn’t cook last night.

12:30-3 pm

Longer design tasks are in the afternoon for me, because I can kind of zone out and just sit and do something without a ton of distraction. I’m making some icons for someone’s launch today and started by sketching them out before heading into Illustrator

I also have Denise Duffield Thomas’ manifesting course playing while I work. I’m going through it a few times, this is still the ‘rough draft’ listen where I just sort of absorb but don’t necessarily do all the tasks/meditations. I really like it and think it’s actually already working!

3-4:30 pm

I have a Skype call with Rachel, who works as a brand strategist for a client I design for. We have a lot to review because things have been hectic for the past month for both of us, so we go over upcoming projects, tasks, ideas, etc.

4:30-5:30 pm

Finish up some work, answer some emails, etc.

5:30-7:30 pm

Will gets home around here and I stop working to spend time with him. Today is a gym day so we do that, we stop at the store, and he starts to cook dinner (because #blessed over here, the man cooks! Well!)

After that

I’ve reached my peak level of introvert recluse at this point and now complete puzzles for fun, so this is what I am doing while Will cooks. Game of Thrones is also on because we are re-watching in prep for the next season. We got this puzzle because we both are big boat people and boat-living dreams, so I figured it was kind of like a manifesting thing right? To be staring at this puzzle of boats? I’m also drinking from my first Bota Box (Malbec) and it’s delicious.


Bio:I’m Kaitlyn, your design assistant! I work with successful creative entrepreneurs to create cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals for their businesses. You can keep being the #girlboss you are (but with more time to focus on growing your empire)!  My job is to take your branding and create anything you need visually – social media graphics, blog post graphics, newsletter headers, opt-ins, downloads, course materials, workbooks, and whatever else you need to keep being the #girlboss you are (but with a little more ‘you’ time). 

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