Day in the Life: Content Marketer Brittany Berger | Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a content marketer? Now’s your chance! In today’s Day in the Life series, Brittany Berger shares the ins and outs of being a unicorn content marketer, from start to finish. Enjoy!

As soon as I started following Brittany Berger, I knew we’d be besties. We’re practically the same person, given the name, our obsession with musicals, our even more intense obsession with Missy Elliot (she’s the queeeeen), and the fact that we both loooove dancing (when I visited New York City I’m SO hitting up Broadway Bodies with her!)

So naturally, I asked her to share what a day in her life is like for the series!

Brittany recently left her full-time job to focus on her health and her business (she goes more into detail below) and I am so freaking proud of her! I’m a firm believer that health is the most important aspect of your life (Did I mention I’m a certified health coach? A different story for a different time) and I’m so happy she’s taking the time to focus on getting better (though can Brittany get any MORE boss than she already is?!)

Enjoy the post and be sure to give her some love on Instagram!

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Day in the Life: Brittany Berger of

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share my day with you! This is actually a pretty interesting day in the life…it’s one of my last as a side hustler!

Yup, in 2 weeks, I’ll be self-employed full-time. I’ve been running my blog and personal brand as a side hustle for around 7 years now, added freelance content marketing into the mix in 2015, and started selling info products and courses last year. All on a few hours each night while running content strategy for a marketing software company.

I also fully consider my chronic illness a full-time job. Hopefully not forever, but at least for right now while it’s in a flare-up. Looking at it this way has helped me prioritize my health and self-care over work, which I know a ton of other biz owners struggle with!

So yes, there’s a lot going on right now, even though I’m about to drastically simplify things!

7:15 am: first alarm goes off

I don’t wanna talk about it. “It” meaning anything. Y’all can have your miracle mornings, I’m fine laying here for soooo much longer.

7:45 am: “real alarm” goes off

Since I’ve trained myself to sleep through my first alarm (I don’t even turn it off and go back to sleep, I turn it off IN MY SLEEP), I have to set a “primer” for this one. This is the one I’m supposed to take seriously.

But still, since I’m working from home today and don’t need to worry about a commute, I snuggle back under the covers and read a romance novel for half an hour or so. Then I’ll go start being a “real human.” It’s weirdly cold for summer in NYC today, and I yell “haha!” at my boyfriend as he preps to leave, since I’m nice like that.

8:30 – 9:45 am: warm up

Today I’m working from home for my day job, a PR & marketing software company. I get to create content about marketing, social media, and PR non-stop and have gotten to partner with some marketers I seriously hero worship. Not gonna lie, it can be pretty sweet.

The company is based in France, and I’m the only member of the marketing team here in the US – the rest of our New York office is sales and support.

Since I’m basically a remote employee (within my team) even when I’m in the office, I get to work from home most of the week. This makes it a lot easier to manage pain and symptoms and puts me much closer to my doctors’ offices, plus I’m so much more productive at home than in our hectic coworking space.

I log onto Slack around 8:30 and start playing “catch up” to the rest of my team, which is six hours ahead of me. There are over 20 new messages. And remember that Slack messages have threads and comments now. This usually takes awhile, especially if (God forbid) one of those messages requires me to go do something now.

This is gonna take some Happy Endings on Hulu in the background – let’s go with the episode where Max literally decides to live like a bear. (If you haven’t watched this show, for shameeeee! You’re the reason it got cancelled too soon.)

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

9:45 – 10:00 am: stand up

At 9:45 every day, the marketing team has a daily stand up meeting (for our agile marketing sprints) to go over what we’re working on that day to move us towards our goals for the week and month. Since we each go “around the table” and talk for a minute or two, I’m on mute most of the time. That means I’m also munching on a piece of toast or a bagel with peanut butter with the crust cut off. (A recurring theme you’ll see here is that I’m kind of an adult toddler.)

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

10:00 – 11:00 am: content planning

Since it’s the end of the month, the content team stays on the phone after our standup to plan our campaigns and editorial calendar for the next month. Honestly, this time I’m just kinda awkwardly sitting here since I won’t BE here next month. ‍

But normally, this is my favorite meeting of the month. Omg, it’s so fun. Each of us content peeps has our own sprints, and here’s where we both figure out how they all come together and get into the nitty-gritty of each piece of content.

The best part is going through detailed outlines for every ebook, blog post, webinar, and cheat sheet for the whole month bullet by bullet and talking them out. The order and message of each usually completely changes. We exit Skype so clear on what each piece will be that it’s almost eliminated the need for a big editing stage in our content creation workflow.

(I’m gonna miss these so much that I’m even trying to figure out a way to offer this as a service…somehow. )

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

11:00 – 11:45 am: content promotion

Welp, 11 am and it’s time to start working! That’s definitely one downside to the rest of my team being in Europe – I spend the whole morning on calls and just catching up with what they’ve done today, but it’s really the only time we can do it.

But sometime before I woke up this morning, a blog post from a guest contributor went live, so it’s time to promote that on social media, send influencer outreach, and go through the rest of our content promotion process.

11:45 am: dance break

Not kidding. Several times a day, most days, I drop everything and dance for one song. Even if I’m in the office, I go into the bathroom where there’s always a great radio station on, and just dance in a stall. This is partially why I’m considered a ridiculous human.

Today’s soundtrack: The Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton (Werk!), so this is gonna be me all afternoon walking around Manhattan.

12:00 pm: unicorn chat

Earlier this year I started a Facebook group and made it a priority to connect with all of the members as much as possible. Anyone in the group can book me for a Skype date, and I also send the link out to other people I want to connect with.

For the past few months I’ve tried to have at least one date per week. It’s also a great way to “remind” myself to take a “lunch” break when working from home.

Today I’m talking with someone I met in the Facebook group for a course I’m working on right now. She’s the kind of person that would be perfect for new service packages I’m working on, so we’re hopping on a call for me to learn more about her struggz.

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12:25 pm: enter the Hamilton ticket lottery

I estimate I’ve entered this freaking lottery at least 500 times in the past year. I have BOTH a calendar appointment AND a to-do list task to remind myself every day. It’s excessive. I still haven’t seen Hamilton.

I forgot to take a screenshot but luckily, I have LOTS of pictures of me entering and losing the Hamilton lottery.

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

12:30 pm: write write write write write

Okay, I’ve written nothing today and have an entire freaking ebook to write before I leave the company. And I scheduled this, so I have no one but myself to blame. Let’s do this.

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

1:10 pm: snack and bloodwork (a wonderful combination)

Wednesdays are bloodwork days! I grab some froyo to eat on the way to the doctor’s. Just a quick 15-minute appointment to monitor my health and update my main doctor on how things have been the past week.

2:45 pm: so much for 15 minutes

Welp, that appointment took way longer than it should have. Normally, right now I’d be freaking out about how much this threw a wrench in my day and how behind I’ll now be. And I kind of am doing that, but I’m also reminding myself that for next week’s appointment, I’ll be in full control of my schedule and stuff like this is why I’m taking the leap.

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

3:00 – 6:00 pm: writing more words

Now that I’m home and actually have a long period of uninterrupted time, I can get a good chunk of this ebook knocked out. I managed to write two new chapters and put together most of another based on re-purposing parts of a few different old blog posts.

Yay, I got enough done to go to dance class without feeling guilty! Since I can’t take subways with my illness, I need to grab a cab early enough to deal with midtown traffic.


Time for my favorite part of any day: Broadway Bodies! I found this studio (“came home” ) about a year and a half ago when I read about these people holding an “emergency Beyonce class” just days after she did Formation at the Super Bowl to learn her ACTUAL choreography from the show.

Yeah, I’ve found where I belong.

I had to take 4 months off from classes when I was sicker this year, and just got back into it earlier this month, so I’m going as frequently as possible right now!

Honestly, I’ve never found the peace other people seem to with things like yoga or running. Me? I find peace through booty pops.

Here’s me living my best video girl life in the Insta-show from this week’s class.

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

8:30 pm: dinner, shower, cuddles

So when I get home I eat a small meal (grilled cheese, thank you very much) and shower as quickly as possible and then try to spend some time with my boyfriend before he goes to bed (much, much earlier than me).

We do a TV in bed night and get through another 2 episodes of the new Orange is the New Black season. He’s a big dramatic TV person and I usually go straight to whatever will make me laugh hardest, but the whole “dramedy” craze has made it easier to find shows we both like.

10:30 pm: side hustle

So yeah, I normally don’t start work on my side hustle until it’s almost midnight. I really like having a break between the two jobs and am a natural night owl, so it’s what works best for me. I’m aware most people would find this crazy and/or unhealthy. It’s probably both.

I start off emailing a few clients I used to write for regularly when I was healthier, to see if they still need content now that I’ll have the time again.

Then I work on an opt-in quiz and blog about business tools to promote a paid workshop I have coming up soon on the topic.

12:30 am: wind down

Finally ready for bed! Actually I’m not, I’m so freaking hyper right now, but I’m gonna force myself to go to bed anyway. I’ve very seriously contemplated going fully nocturnal when I go full-time lol.

I usually spend the last half hour of the day on something around professional development – reading a business book, going through a course, or watching YouTube videos or something.

Mindset is something I’m really working on right now, and Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Manifesting Course has been amazing for me. Going through it is hugely responsible for me deciding to shift my priorities, leave my day job, and commit to getting my disease into remission before the end of the summer.

Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

1:00 am: Netflix and sleep

Now I fall asleep to Parks and Rec. Then I wake up and do this whole shebang again – but only a few more times!

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Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger is a unicorn content marketer who helps B2B startups and entrepreneurs find their brand personality and use it to create content with color. She also runs her own blog and community for female entrepreneurs who want to become crazy productive and make room for more balance in their biz. She’s yet to meet a fuzzy blanket she didn’t want to become best friends with.

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