How To Create 100 Social Media Posts in One Day

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts In One Day | Click to read how you can create 100 social media just one day!

Guest Bio: Lise Cartwright is a Freelance Writer, Full-Time Author, and Coach who’s on a mission to help awesome women be successful in their side hustle or freelancing career utilizing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Etsy and Amazon. You can connect with her on Pinterest and Twitter, where she shares even more strategies.

I don’t know about you, but for me, coming up with content to share on my social media accounts—that’s beyond sharing my own blog posts—is kinda like pulling teeth. I feel ya. I mean, you’re always creating something, right? You’re writing blog posts, creating shareable images to go with those blog posts, not to mention answering emails, connecting with your peeps inside Facebook, posting to Instagram and Snapchatting like a boss…

But getting consistent with your social media content — that ain’t happening at all and it’s driving you nuts.

If you find yourself scrambling on a Sunday, trying to fill up your social media accounts with awesome content, then you’re gonna love the following process!

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts in One Day

You will definitely need a day to sit down and do this, the process is time-consuming, but it’s worth it to be able to create 100 updates and schedule them all out in advance.

Of course, you could break this up and spread it over a few days, it’s entirely up to you, but I like to knock this out in one day so I’m not worrying about it again until the following month.

Before we start, you’ll need to have access to some tools:

  1. Social Media manager/schedule like Buffer, Hootsuite, CoSchedule, Edgar, etc
  2. Access to an image creation platform like Canva or PicMonkey
  3. A day to set this all up

Now that we’ve ticked these things off, let’s jump into how you’re going to do this.

100 social media updates

Step #1: Content

The first step in this process is to find great content to share with your readers. Of course, your blog posts are a great start, but let’s be honest, you don’t know EVERYTHING there is to know about your topic or what matters to your readers…

A great place to find content you can share with your readers is on aggregators like Feedly and Pocket.

Think about the blogs you follow as well, is their content relevant to your audience too?

Personally, I use Feedly to identify content and then save it to my Pocket, because I can tag different topics and then easily share from there.

So your first task is to create an account with Feedly and Pocket and find content that is relevant to share with your audience and tag it with the appropriate topic (i.e., marketing, email, content creation, etc.)

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts In One Day | Click to read how you can create 100 social media just one day!

Step #2: Create a Spreadsheet

Once you’ve got content that you wanna share with your audience, it’s time to create a spreadsheet, or you can grab the “100 Days Spreadsheet” here.

In this spreadsheet you’re going to have six columns, laid out as follows:

  • Number (1-100)
  • Date
  • Social Media Update/Content
  • Category
  • Type
  • Notes
  • Social Media Platform (optional)

Once you’ve got your spreadsheet set up, jump to the next step.

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Step #3: Find the Best Parts (Process)

Now that you’ve got content and a spreadsheet set up, we’re going to get down to the nuts and bolts of creating those 100 updates.

The are three different ways to come up with an update:

  • Use a pre-written update
  • Use a prompt to create an update
  • Follow a process (ie, find the best part) to create an update

In this step, we’re focusing on option three, following a process.

The process for finding the best parts to share from the content that you’ve found, looks like this:

  1. In each piece of content, identify 2-3 quotes or phrases that you think would stand out on your social media accounts and resonate with your audience
  2. Turn those quotes into quote images using Canva or PicMonkey, making sure to include a link back to your website or social media profile
  3. Add these updates to your spreadsheet and under “category” tag them as Process and choose the “type” to be image
  4. You can also use some of these to be a text based update as well, so note those in your spreadsheet as well and change the type to “text”

You can apply this same process to your own blog posts as well.

For each direct link that you share, ie, where you’re just linking to the post without creating a quote, write “Check out this post by @person “title” [link]” or “Have you seen this post by @person? Worth a read! “title” [link]” – you’ll get their attention and also they might re-share it with their followers… and you might gain some more followers yourself.

Out of the 100 updates, aim for 20 image quotes and 13 text quotes.

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts In One Day | Click to read how you can create 100 social media just one day!

Step #4: Use Prompts

You’re off to a great start, you should have about 33 updates logged into your spreadsheet. But now you’re probably a bit stumped on what to do next…

Enter the prompt ideas! This is my go-to list of prompts that I use to generate even more social media content ideas. Grab the full list below!

100 social media updates

Here’s a sample to get you started:

  • Holiday themed update (Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, or something like Give a Hug day or Love Your Cat day)
  • Photo – outside of the office, what you see etc
  • Review of your fav apps
  • Simple greeting (hello, good morning, afternoon etc, accompany with a pic?)
  • Shout out to a fav charitable org doing good stuff, particularly if you donate regularly
  • Welcome to newbie followers, likers etc
  • Ask for advice on new movies to watch
  • Ask for advice on new TV shows to watch
  • 5 awesome quotes from your fav mentor/celebrity/coach

This is your time to get creative. Come up with images, even little 90-second videos, particularly if you’re on Instagram or Facebook.

For your 100 updates, use these prompts to come up with 34 updates. Add them to your spreadsheet and note in the category that these are “prompts” and then choose the type as whatever you create… text, photo, link or video.

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts In One Day | Click to read how you can create 100 social media just one day!

Step #5: Use Pre-written Updates

For the final part of the process, you’re going to use some pre-written ideas to create another 33-34 updates.

Here’s a sample of these. They are questions to either answer yourself or to ask your followers about:

  1. If you could interview one person in your niche, who would it be?
  2. What would you like to tell you 5th grade self? What advice would you share?
  3. Are you a Mac or PC person?
  4. How often do you update your blog?
  5. What’s the best way to read a book: audio, kindle or hard copy?
  6. Fill in the blank: I laugh every time I think about ______ (you could ask people to fill in the blank too).
  7. What does your desk look like? Take a pic and share it
  8. If I could snap my fingers and be CEO of any company, I’d be CEO of _____.
  9. My favorite holiday is ______ because ______.

100 social media updates

Add these to your spreadsheet and you should now have at least 100 social media updates that you can go ahead and schedule in your chosen social media manager like Buffer or Hootsuite.

Of course, you will probably share more stuff than this and you want to make sure that you’re also sharing stuff that is topical as well. So don’t think that by creating these 100 updates that it means you can’t engage on your social media accounts or continue to share relevant, topical information too.

All that this process does is take away the pressure of coming up with ideas. You still have to manage your accounts and connect and engage.

Creating social media updates doesn’t have to be stressful anymore. Use the ideas provided here to create your own list of ideas that you can schedule well in advance.

Content Upgrade: 100 Days Spreadsheet + Pre-written Ideas & Prompts PDF

How To Create 100 Social Media Posts In One Day | Click to read how you can create 100 social media just one day!

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