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Beginner’s Guide To Using PR For Your Small Business: Get Featured On Popular Websites and Podcasts

Beginner's Guide To PR For Small Businesses: Pitch Template To Get Featured On Popular Podcasts

Welcome back to my beginner’s guide to PR series! If you’re just joining us around here, I’m doing a 3-part blog post series all on how small businesses can begin to use PR for their business. Today, I’m going to share how you can get featured on popular websites and podcasts. Here’s what I’ve covered […]

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Day in the Life: Brittany Berger

Day in the Life: Content Marketer Brittany Berger | Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a content marketer? Now’s your chance! In today’s Day in the Life series, Brittany Berger shares the ins and outs of being a unicorn content marketer, from start to finish. Enjoy!

As soon as I started following Brittany Berger, I knew we’d be besties. We’re practically the same person, given the name, our obsession with musicals, our even more intense obsession with Missy Elliot (she’s the queeeeen), and the fact that we both loooove dancing (when I visited New York City I’m SO hitting up Broadway Bodies […]

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