Day in the Life of Caroline Hull, Podcast Producer & Editor

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On today’s show, I have Caroline Hull who is my podcast producer and editor extraordinaire!

I thought it’d be super fun to have the gal behind the scenes at the Day in the Life podcast share what a day in her life is like! Caroline has built an amazing podcast editing business where she gets to work on a variety of podcasts day in and day out.

She shares how she got into the podcast editing industry, what she wishes podcast hosts knew about her job, misconceptions people have about her career, as well as shares what it’s like to homeschool her two girls while running a business.

Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy!

Day in the Life of Caroline Hull,Podcast Producer & Editor: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Podcast Producer? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast interview with Caroline Hull to find out! #podcast #podcaster #podcasting

Day in the Life of Caroline Hull | Podcast Producer & Editor

Show notes

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • How Caroline got into the podcast editing industry.
  • What she wishes podcast hosts knew about her role as an editor.
  • What she finds most nourishing about her career.
  • What she struggles with as a business owner and podcast editor.
  • What it’s like to homeschool her two daughters and run a business.
  • Misconceptions people have about homeschooling.
  • What people find most surprising about her career.

Caroline Creates Podcasts was started after I started my own podcast with my cohost called Creative Biz Rebellion. I fell in LOVE with the backend of the podcasting process. One day my cohost told someone about the work I was doing with my podcast, and they hired me! The rest is history. Now Caroline Creates helps over 15 different podcasts each week. My mission is to to help at-home podcasters have a great sounding podcast and find their voice. To be encouraging, take time for what matters most, be willing to learn and adapt, give to others, and create an amazing customer experience.

Designer and Owner, Caroline Hull has a background in music and was a ballet dancer at the University of Oklahoma before finding her niché in design and podcasting. Originally from Texas, Caroline now resides in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband Chris and daughters. When she’s not editing, recording or homeschooling, you can find her checking out the latest indie music sensation, trying to recycle everything in sight, buying more pens and most likely stalking a coffee shop. Caroline also has a passion for helping other small business owners like herself through her podcast, Creative Biz Rebellion.

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