Andrew Brockenbush: CEO of a Web Design & Inbound Marketing Agency

On today’s show, I have Andrew Brockenbush, CEO of Beefy Marketing, which is a web design and inbound marketing agency previously based in Houston, but just recently moved to Nashville.

Andrew and I belong to the same mastermind and from the first meeting I had with him, I knew he was someone I wanted to know. Andrew journey to becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t the easiest, but I love how candid and honest he is during our conversation on how everything happens for a reason.

We chat about why he left a lucrative job at Apple to start his own business, how he manages and leads his team, how growing up in a low-income family has affected him as a business owner, and a whole lot more!

Andrew Brockenbush | CEO of a Web Design & Inbound Marketing Agency: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like as a CEO of a web design agency? Listen in to this Day in the Life episode interviewing Andrew Brockenbush to find out!

Andrew Brockenbush | CEO of a Web Design & Inbound Marketing Agency

Show notes

In today’s show, you’ll learn:

  • Why he left a lucrative job at Apple to start his own business.
  • His recent lifestyle changes, why he decided to focus more on his health, why he outsourced these tasks.
  • Where he reads his emails (honestly).
  • How he prioritizes his tasks and the tools he uses to write his to-do lists.
  • Why he chooses to use yellow legal pads over white.
  • How he uses Evernote to stay on track.
  • How he manages and leads his team.
  • His biggest struggles being a CEO of a web design agency.
  • How growing up in a low-income family has affected him as a business owner.
  • The two moments he’s most proud of as a business owner.

Andrew Brockenbush is the founder and CEO of Beefy Marketing, an inbound marketing & web development company located in Houston, TX that works with companies in the B2B industry. Beefy Marketing focuses on growth driven design for small business owners to help them generate more leads from their website.

Beefy has worked with former Navy SEAL and author Marcus Luttrell of Team Never Quit and fitness expert Amanda Adams, as well as a variety of clients in the fitness, salon & spa, and local small business industries.

Andrew has been quoted in publications such as Forbes and Huffington Post.

Key takeaways from this episode

“Sometimes we need to hire an expert in our lives. Whether it be a marketer, writer, or even a personal trainer.” – Andrew Brockenbush
Many people don't use their email inbox as their task list, but it's a great way to manage tasks. - Andrew Brockenbush Click To Tweet
“If there’s something in my email inbox, it means I need to do something with it.” – Brittney Lynn
“I always try to take care of client needs first.” – Andrew Brockenbush
As a CEO, one of my most important tasks is business development. - Andrew Brockenbush Click To Tweet
“I don’t want to be a leader that’s so busy taking care of clients that I don’t take care of my employees.” – Andrew Brockenbush
How can I utilize the things in front of me to be successful? - Andrew Brockenbush Click To Tweet
“We’re not your typical web design company. We want to know what your goals are as a business owner so we can build a website that reflects that and helps you achieve those goals.” – Andrew Brockenbush
“I took a salary cut to hire a business partner.” – Andrew Brockenbush

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Andrew Brockenbush | CEO of a Web Design & Inbound Marketing Agency Andrew Brockenbush | CEO of a Web Design & Inbound Marketing Agency


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