The Amplified Expert Academy


Ever feel like…

  • You’re ready to be seen as a known, go-to expert in your industry but don’t know how to position yourself to relevant media outlets

  • You’re tired of not being recognized and see your competitors being interviewed on popular podcasts, publications, and even tv and you have no idea how they do it

  • You don’t want to waste your time pitching the wrong places and want to learn how to figure out the best places to pitch yourself that will give you the best ROI

  • You’re unsure if people actually care about the topics you’re an expert in and don’t know how to craft a proper pitch to podcast hosts, journalists, and producers to make it irresistible to book you

  • You don’t know if you’re pitching the right topics and have no idea how to pitch a journalist or producer without any prompt to get you started

  • You feel scattered and have little time to dedicate to pitching the media on a consistent basis but know that it’s something you should prioritize to continue growing your platform

  • You’re ready to disrupt the media and get in front of  your people, the ones who need to hear from you

What if…

It could be different. What if…

  • You knew exactly how to position yourself as the expert that you are and pitch yourself on a consistent basis to podcasts, publications, and even tv.
  • You had a strategic, unique visibility plan that works for you and routinely brought you new followers, subscribers, and customers
  • Your team could be trained by a team of professional publicists who have been working in the media industry for a combined 15 years
  • You had peace of mind and a publicist is your back pocket, someone you can go to any time you have a question about how to pitch yourself
  • You were surrounded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who can keep you accountable when pitching gets tough and you feel alone

The Amplified Expert Academy is a 6 month program that consists of personalized & group coaching designed to help each participant go from unknown entrepreneur to a go-to expert the media is begging to interview. 


You are wanting to amplify your message as a leader in your industry because your message is meant for the masses.


You will become part of an exclusive curated group of entrepreneurs who are ready to spread their message far and wide across a variety of media platforms to reach the people that need you most and change the world.


How it Works

We provide a biweekly 1-hour video conference group coaching call where you will be guided on honing in on your unique message, conveying that message to the media for maximum impact, and building on the momentum of media hits to lead more people into your program or services. These bi-weekly calls also include hot seat speed coaching where you can get direct feedback from Brittney + team.

Each person who joins the Amplified Expert Academy also receives:

  • 2, 45-min private one-on-one strategy calls with Brittney ($794 value)
  • Free access to our signature course, Impact + Influence ($897 value)
  • 6-month free access to our subscription, Curated Connections ($1,500 value)
  • Private Facebook community access + networking with other members
  • 1 team member allowed to join the calls + go through the trainings

Brittney is a master at PR strategy. I was amazed at how much we were able to cover with our intensive, and I walked away with a clear plan of exactly what we to implement first to start taking advantage of all of the PR opportunities that are out there for our business.

Her fun blend of humor and strategy makes her so fun to work with, while her razor-sharp marketing brain comes up with amazing new strategies every time. I highly recommend working with Brittney! – Amy Brutout Bradbury

What to Expect

The time commitment for this program is anywhere from 30-60 minutes per day (or the equivalent throughout our time together.)

This program is for people who are determined to get their message out to the masses and requires your time to nurture those relationships you are building with the media and crafting unique and effective pitches.

This program is ideal for people who either:

1) have the capacity to learn and implement the teachings on their own or

2) has a team member who has the capacity to take the role of representing you.


Here’s what I love about working with Brittney: She knows the outlets she’s pitching to very well, which means she understands what types of pieces could work well on them. And, she knows what type of information they’ll be looking for in a pitch. That part is *very* important — she provides all relevant information and the possible points to cover (all while being succinct of course), which frankly makes my job a lot easier and prevents us from having to do the always painful back and forth. – Abby Wolfe, freelance journalist

After Working Together You Will

  • Have a clear vision of your unique PR strategy and how it can be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy and business goals
  • Gain confidence on how to pitch yourself as an expert to podcasts, publications, and tv
  • Be able to effectively share your story so people want more and take the next step to get more information about working with you
  • Master the art of building genuine, long-lasting relationships with podcast hosts, journalists, editors, and producers
  • Know how to craft a pitch to the media with ease and easily incorporate it into your ongoing marketing strategy

Requirements for Joining

    • You must have an established business (preferably at least 2 years)
    • You must have a website and at least active on one social media account for your business
    • You must have a proven done for you service, online program, or membership you are ready to take on more clients/customers for
    • You and your team must be ready to devote the time this program needs to be effective

Hi, I’m Brittney, founder of The Amplified Expert Academy

For me, business is all human connection. It’s about getting to know and see each other and how we all create ripple effects by sharing our messages.

I work with passionate, committed online business owners who are ready to get more attention not for their ego, but because of their purpose.

My clients are purpose-driven and determined to get the word out about what they care about because they know the world needs their voice.

But, getting your voice out there isn’t always easy (especially if you’re trying to expand out of your current echo chamber.) And that’s exactly why I created Impact + Influence because this isn’t rocket science.

You CAN leverage the power of PR, you just have to know HOW.

You’ve got a message to share and I want to help you reach the masses.

Let’s do this, together.

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