The Best Free Social Media WordPress Plugins | I've looked high and low and I've found the best FREE social media WordPress plugins. That's right, FREE baby! Click to read the full list!

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to slug through all of the information out there about plugins.

I have been trying and testing all kinds of free social media plugins to review and now I’m ready to share which ones are the best!

The Best Free Social Media WordPress Plugins


The Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

The Sharaholic plugin gives users an easy way to integrate social share buttons at the end of each blog post (see the ‘sharing is caring!’ image above).

People need to be told what to do, so providing them with one click buttons to share your blog posts on their social networks is an easy way to get your content out in front of more people.

Sharaholic also has the option to share related content at the bottom of each of your posts, keep viewers on your site for longer (which is exactly what we want!).

Download here:

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is a one-use plugin but is nearly essential to any website.

This plugin allows you to insert social media icons into widgets on your WordPress website.

We've looked high and low and we've found the best FREE social media WordPress plugins. That's right, FREE baby!

As you can see, I’ve listed the social media profiles on the right side of my website that I currently use to promote my business. It’s as easy as adding in the social media links and hitting save!

Download here:


The AddThis plugin is great for adding the social share buttons to your website, including blog posts. AddThis differs slightly from Sharaholic because it has the ability to add the social share buttons above your content and a social sidebar, in addition to adding the social share buttons below your content like Sharaholic does.

The Best Free Social Media WordPress Plugins


Download here:

Better Click To Tweet

Let’s face it, people are lazy. Better Click To Tweet helps combat the laziness and gives people an easy two click option to tweet your blog post.

Here are the absolute BEST free #socialmedia #wordpress plugins to use for your site! Click To Tweet

Above is an example of what a “click to tweet” will look like once you activate the plugin. Creating this quick tweetable quotes make it so easy for people to share your content on Twitter.

Download here:

WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter helps automate some of the scheduling you do for sharing your blog posts to Twitter. Once it’s set up, any time you post a new blog post, a tweet is immediately sent out to your connected Twitter account about the new post.

The Best Free Social Media WordPress Plugins

This is how a tweet will look once you set up WP To Twitter. It will have the text (“New blog post is up!”), the title of your blog post (“How To Convert Facebook Followers to Customers”), and a shortened link (if you choose, you don’t have to use shortened link).

The first text is customizable to be whatever you want. There are also

Download here:

One final note: Keep in mind that all of these are free. Which is great! There are a lot of really awesome paid plugins out there that are definitely worth the cost. Use free plugins until you outgrow those and then move on to paid versions for the best return.

Question: Which social media WordPress plugins are your favorite?

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