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Day In The Life: Lauren from Grit & Glitter Co

Day In The Life: Lauren from Grit & Glitter Co | Lauren Frontierra from Grit & Glitter Co shares what a day in her life is actually like in this blog post. She immediately cuts to the real, raw, honest parts of her day of what it's like to be a podcaster (hint: it's not always sunshine and roses). I love her honesty and how she shares it all, the good, bad, and ugly. Click to read about her entire day!

Hey you sweet people you! This week’s DITL guest is the always honest, genuine, and real Grit & Glitter podcast host Lauren Frontierra. I started following her on Instagram a few month’s ago and immediately downloaded and binge listened to her podcast (this, this, and this are some of my favorites). I enjoy following her […]

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