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Sarah Bruggeman: Pastry Chef

Sarah Bruggeman | Pasty Chef: Ever wonder what a day in the life is like for a Pastry Chef? Check out this episode of the Day in the Life podcast to find out!

On today’s show, I have my good friend Sarah Bruggeman who is a Pastry Chef at Pangea Kitchen located in Evansville, Indiana. Sarah and I went to high school together and we all knew that Sarah would go on to work in the restaurant industry in some way because she’s always had a passion for […]

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Katie Hunt: Founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp

Katie Hunt | Founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp

Katie Hunt of Tradeshow Bootcamp was one of my first PR clients that I started working with late last year and I’m so honored to be a part of her incredible team. If you aren’t familiar Katie, Tradeshow Bootcamp offers educational workshops (both online and in person!) to creative entrepreneurs who want to learn how […]

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