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I have a new love in my life and it’s called BoardBooster.

I’ve seen several people talk about how amazing BoardBooster is but being someone that initially did not want to pay for any services, I didn’t want to invest in the program.

After realizing that was crazy and that I absolutely should be investing in my business, I decided several months ago to give BoardBooster a try.

And boy, do I wish I would have started sooner!

This blog post is a look inside all of the details of BoardBooster, how I use it for my business, and why you should use it too. I’ve also included a video tutorial of how to set up your BoardBooster account. I hope you enjoy!

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is a program that allows you to schedule pins on Pinterest. It helps manage Pinterest accounts by automatically spreading new pins over ideal pinning hours, instead of having to manually pin throughout the day.

You can also easily clean up your boards, improve pin quality, streamline group board contribution, and optimize your pinning strategy.

Basically, it’s one of the greatest assets you can use to drive more traffic to your website, which is what we all want, right? Riiiight.

The cost of BoardBooster is 1 cent per pin. Plans start as little as $5/month (I am currently using the $10/month plan).

Why should I use BoardBooster?

There are approximately one million reasons why you should use it (kidding. sort of.) but I’ll cover the top four.

Scheduling pins to go out throughout the day

Who has time to pin consistently throughout the day? I definitely don’t and neither do you.

The thing is, that’s what does the best on Pinterest. There are certainly ideal times that works better for your audience, but Pinterest prefers you pinning throughout the day, which is impossible to do unless you are 1) using a scheduling program like BoardBooster or 2) manually pinning throughout the day.

Since I started using BoardBooster, I’ve cut down on the time I spend pinning significantly on Pinterest but I’m getting a much higher conversion rate on people pinning my pins as well as visiting my website.

Increases Pinterest followers

My Pinterest account has increased over 500 followers in the past few months. While that doesn’t sound like a ton, I never would have seen that much growth if I were randomly pinning before. And the best part is BoardBooster basically makes my Pinterest on auto-pilot, to the point where I hardly have to spend any time pinning to Pinterest.

I started using BoardBooster in February but really didn’t dive into until June and my account has started to take off.

Drives more traffic to your website

Want to know what my top referrer to my website is? You guessed it…Pinterest.

Over the last six months, Pinterest refers more than 35% of traffic to my website. The next on the list is Twitter at 7%. Uh yeah, biiiig difference between those two numbers which is why I started really focusing on Pinterest as a web traffic referrer.


Perhaps my favorite part of using BoardBooster is the looping feature. I go into more details about this below, but it basically is a way to loop older pins on Pinterest to be shared in the newsfeed for people who may have missed the first time you pinned. It’s a great way to drive new traffic to older blog posts.

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How does BoardBooster work?

Since there are several features to BoardBooster, I’ll break down how to use each feature.


The scheduler section of BoardBooster is where you can schedule pins to go out over your ideal period of time.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

You can schedule pins to go out to your own boards or group boards. I’ve found the best use of scheduler is to schedule other people’s pins to group boards.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

What BoardBooster does is it will create a secret board on your Pinterest account. No one will be able to see this board except for you. This is what the secret board will look like once you have created it and added pins to it:

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

When you are ready to schedule pins to this secret board, it will look like this:

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

The amount of pins and the time the pins are schedule to go out will depend on how you set up the secret board on BoardBooster.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster


Looping pins is a way to get old content that you have previously pinned to your boards re-pinned again so people who may have missed it the first time sees your content.

I currently loop pins from one board,, which is the board for all of my blog posts.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

You can only loop pins from your account’s board, so you cannot loop on group boards.

What’s great about looping is that you can set it up after a certain amount of time to delete the duplicate pin, so you don’t have the same pin on your board multiple times.


There are two types of campaigns you can set up: random or scheduled.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

I usually do scheduled campaigns.

Essentially, campaigns are the way that I pin my blog posts to all of the group boards I am a member of, so they don’t all go out at the same time. I go over more of this in the video below.

Additional BoardBooster features

Pin Doctor

This tool will test pins on your boards, identify 9 common problems like broken links and content duplication, and help you fix them.

Pin Doctor charges a penny a pin. You can order a test for just a few boards, and limit the test to the most recent pins.

  • Pins that link to irrelevant content. For example, if you pin an image from a blog without opening the permalink, the pinned article may soon disappear from the blog’s home page, which may frustrate your followers.
  • Pins with broken links.
  • Pins with missing source links.
  • Pins that redirect to a website that is different from what you originally pinned.
  • Pins that link to malicious websites.
  • Duplicate pins based on the same image.
  • Duplicate pins based on the same link.
  • Pins based on images that are too narrow or too short to fill the standard pin.

Pin Mover

Pin Mover helps you split or clean up large boards. It finds all pins that match your criteria and moves them to a board that you specify.

The first order is free. The following orders charge a penny a pin based on the number of pins moved.

Group Manager

Group Manager is a tool for owners of group Pinterest boards. It can monitor pins added by contributors and identifies the best contributors (as well as the not-so-great contributors who aren’t following the group board rules). Group Manager is a brand new feature  (currently in Alpha mode). You can use Group Manager for free during Alpha.

Board performance

This is where you can see what boards are performing the best as well as a monthly growth chart.

Best time to pin

BoardBooster will measure all of the times you pin and will show you which hours are your best to pin.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

Follower growth

You can see how your overall Pinterest account has grown since starting BoardBooster, as well as the growth rate of each of your individual boards too.

All You Need To Know About BoardBooster

Want an even more behind-the-scenes look at how I use BoardBooster? Check out the video below!

Question: Have you used BoardBooster before? Leave any additional questions you have below!

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