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Today’s guest post comes from Jackie from Jade and Oak. Jackie and I are in a small mastermind group and I thought she would be a perfect guest on the blog! I know how hard it can be do balance a day job and a side business and since she is currently doing that I thought many of you could relate to her!  Enjoy!

How To Balance Your Business With Your Day Job

Thanks so much to Brittney for letting me guest post for her today! My name is Jackie and I’ve been blogging at Jade and Oak for nearly 5 years, all while I have worked full time as a lawyer. I started my blog initially as a creative outlet while I was working as a litigator. I initially had no real “plans” for my blog being a full-time business or even a part time business. However, over the past few years, I have dedicated more time into growing my business so I’ve had to find ways to balance this with my day job.

I’m going to share my favorite methods for balancing your business with your day job (all without going crazy).

Creating a Management Schedule

Obviously, time management is the biggest hurdle. There are only so many hours in the day and it’s hard enough to management one job schedule, let alone multiple schedules. When I started getting more serious about my business, I knew it would be a lot of work so I figured out how much time I could devote to my biz on a daily or weekly basis.

For me, I am gone every day from about 6:30 am until 5 pm. I go to bed around 11 pm each night, which gives me about 6 hours after work. I don’t want to be spending all that time on my side biz of course, so I just tell myself how much time I can spend on my biz each night. Some nights, I have other things going on, so I might spend 30 minutes on my business or I might do nothing that day. I usually also try to carve out a few hours on the weekends, if I have time, to work on some things as well.

So look at your schedule and see what works for you – maybe a little time each day before/after work or larger chunks of time when you have a day off.

Stop Wasting Time

We all think we are super busy, but in reality, most of us waste a ton of time each day. For example, I spend way too much time scrolling through social media and love look at Instagram or watching videos on Facebook of cute animals. I don’t want to even imagine how much time I waste doing this every day, but I do know that I could be using that time much more wisely. Instead of 10-15 minutes of mindless scrolling, I could work on cleaning up my inbox or scheduling out social media posts for my own business.

Likewise, see those times when you are truly wasting time (as opposed to doing something that you find joy/fulfillment with, like catching up on tv shows or working out, etc). Cutting back on these time wasters will not only free up time for you to work on your biz or do something truly enjoyable, but you might also feel better mentally by not wasting your time in these ways. Giving yourself back some time will be beneficial in so many different ways.

Give Yourself (Real) Breaks

That being said, make sure to carve out time for yourself to do things that you truly enjoy. You are working your butt off at your day job and with your biz, so you deserve to relax. For me, I make sure to spend some time with my husband, eating dinner together or catching up on our fave tv shows, without looking at my phone. Or I give myself a cut-off time each evening and make sure I have time to read in bed before I go to sleep. If you’re burnt out and don’t have time to relax, that’s not going to help you be better at either of your jobs.

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Now I don’t recommend ALWAYS multi-tasking since I just said you don’t want to burn out on your biz. But if I’m really swamped or don’t have time for things later, I try to squeeze in some simple multi-tasking. If I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or I’ll on the elliptical at the gym, I might review some emails or check my social media. I don’t do this a ton, but I know that if I can cross a few things off of my list now, it will help me out in the long run.

Do Big Tasks One Time

Sometimes we just need to suck it up and spend a few hours (or however long it takes) to get some time-consuming tasks off of our plate. Some tasks can be broken down into little manageable time chunks but for others, it’s better to just rip the bandaid off. For example, awhile ago I switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit and I dreaded doing the tasks of migrating over and recreating my free email courses in ConvertKit. I could’ve just done a few things at a time, but it was better to just set aside a few hours and get it over with.

Likewise, any big tasks that you really just need to do one-time or infrequently (maybe setting up some new email funnels, working on your taxes, updating your Services page), just bite the bullet and get it done with. It might be time-consuming but it’s so much better than having that task hanging over your head and lingering on and on.

Batch Tasks

Now, for those tasks that you need to do on a more regular basis (such as taking photos, social media scheduling, working on blog posts), batching your tasks can be the best method for saving time. This is where you spend a chunk of time doing just one type of task, such as taking all of the photos for your blog or social media for a time period, all at one time (rather than just taking one photo per day for social media). You are already in the mindset of working on this tasks, so you are way more efficient than if you were switching quickly between different types of tasks.

Scheduling Apps

These are a HUGE timesaver since you can do all of your social media for the week or month at one time. I use Buffer to schedule out tweets, the native scheduler in Facebook and BoardBooster for Pinterest. Check out some of the different apps that are out there to find ones that are the most helpful for you.

Enlist Help

If you are at a point in your business where you can delegate out some of your tasks, definitely look into this. You can work with others in tons of different ways – help with social media, graphic design, accounting etc. Use a cost/benefit analysis to determine where it’s worth it for you to just pay someone else to do the work for you, rather than wasting your precious time on these kinds of tasks.

Online Courses

Another huge time saver is to find some online courses or guides to educate you on some topics. Yes, you can easily google lots of different things, but sometimes it’s more worth it to pay for a course to teach you the best methods in way less time. This is another cost/benefit analysis, where you can determine if it might be worth it for you to pay someone to teach you something that would otherwise take you tons of ton to learn on your own for free. Do your research and invest where it makes sense for you.

I know it can be overwhelming to grow your biz while still working your day job, but it’s all about finding the right balance that works for YOU. I have a free email course for people who blog on the side if you are interested in learning more – The Part Time Blogger. Also check out my website for more info on how to grow your blog and biz, including how to make sure you’re keeping it all legal. Thanks again to Brittney for hosting me!

Guest bio:

Jackie has been blogging for nearly 5 years and has been a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania for nearly 7 years. Jackie started her blog, Jade and Oak, as a creative outlet when she was working as a litigator. She now helps bloggers and small business owners grow their business AND make sure that they are keeping everything legal. When she isn’t working at her day job or on Jade and Oak, Jackie enjoys spending time with her husband and their two pugs, taking ballet classes and travelling.

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